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Performance Distributors Ford Distributorless Screamin’ Demon Coils

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Performance Distributors Ford Distributorless Screamin’ Demon Coils
Proper spark is essential to making efficient power and for good fuel economy, too. So if you own a 1994-2010 Ford, chances are you’ll be looking to replace the stock coils to ensure peak performance.
For 1994-2010 Ford engines equipped with distributorless ignition systems that need a hotter spark, Performance Distributors offer high-voltage Screamin’ Demon Coils. Rated at 45,000 volts, the Screamin’ Demon coils allow spark plug gaps as wide as .060-to-.065 inches, which is .010-to-.015-inches wider than stock.
The wider gaps expose more of the air/fuel mixture to the spark for a more complete burn and enhanced engine output and improved fuel economy. The coils are built with brass terminals for better conductivity and corrosion resistance and carry a one-year warranty. They can be paired with the company’s 8mm, spiral-core LiveWire spark plug wires, which are available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver, and Yellow.
Contact Performance Distributors at 901/396-5782 or visit: to learn more.

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