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New Product MSD Releases 8 Channel Pro 600 CDI

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Holley is pleased to announce the release of the MSD PRO 600 CDI, an innovative eight-channel capacitive-discharge ignition developed specifically for high-horsepower applications with extreme cylinder pressure and coil-near-plug engine-management systems. Compatible with Holley EFI, GM LS platforms, and virtually any EFI setup (both 5v and 12v drivers), it's perfect for the high cylinder pressure developed by supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous engines. Rock-solid for everything from Pro Street cruising to all-out Pro Mod competition, the PRO 600 CDI provides unmatched spark energy and features an easily programmable power setting that allows you to switch between a user-adjustable 250-to-400 millijoule output for everyday driving. Through the use of an activation wire or software, it can deliver an industry-leading 680 millijoules, which makes it perfect for Drag Week-style vehicles just turn it down for the haul and dial it up for the track via the on-the-fly Power Output selection wire. This powerful, versatile ignition works with almost any coil-per-plug engine up to eight cylinders including four- and six-cylinder applications and can even convert a distributor-type ignition into a coil-near-plug system. High-efficiency AC power delivery means less voltage draw from your battery or charging system, and it has diagnostic LEDs to troubleshoot potential issues with any individual coil, built-in protection for accidental reverse battery connection, and over-temperature protection. The PRO 600 CDI is a direct plugin to Holley EFI systems, features a plugin interface for the MSD Power Grid and Davis profiler, and comes complete with all the necessary wiring harnesses for a hassle-free installation. For more information, visit

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