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New Gold Line Sleeving Offered by Design Engineering Inc.

Posted By: Mike Galimi
To keep under-hood wires, cables and hoses cool and protected, it pays to go for the Gold. Design Engineering, Inc.'s new Gold Line Sleeving is manufactured from the company's high-temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination and bonded to a robust, 20-oz heat-treated glass fiber base material. Available in Sheaths, Shrouds and a Cover, DEI's Gold Sleeving products not only protect components, but also keep them cool in the most demanding applications. Able to reflect direct heat up to 800 F, Gold Line Sleeving is the perfect defense for critical lines, air intakes and hoses against the damaging effects of high temperatures. Only available from DEI, our new Gold Line Sleeving was shown to offer a 67% reflection of heat during heat flux testing, said Mike Buca of DEI. Furthermore, it has been tested to FSTM 191.5100 and ASTM D1117 standards for total protection. Heat Sheath Gold is available in five sizes from 3/4"x36" to 2-1/4"x36". The Sheaths feature a lock weave pattern and high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system for fast, secure installation. Heat Sheath Gold is also available in custom dimensions. Heat Shroud Gold is available in 1/2"-1-1/4"x36" and 2 2-1/2 x36 sizes and constructed from the same high-temperature materials as the Sheaths, but with the added convenience of a hook-and-loop closure with open edges. Installers simply wrap the Shroud around whatever needs protection and close the edges, without the need to remove one end of the connected wires, cables or hoses. Heat Shroud Gold is also available in custom dimensions. Cool Cover Gold is primarily used to cover cold air tubes to reflect heat for a cooler, denser and more powerful air charge. Cool Cover Gold measures 28 in length, which can be trimmed to length and built to accommodate up to 4 O.D. air tubes. Constructed with a hook & loop edge design, it is designed for ease of installation. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Design Engineering, Inc.)

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