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New DiabloSport Suspension Controller Offered for 2015 and Newer Chargers/Challenger SRTs or Hellcats

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The new DiabloSport Suspension Controller is a simple upgrade to instantly improve suspension systems in a Hellcat or SRT vehicle equipped with active suspension modes. The Suspension Controller replaces the factory controller with a simple Plug-N-Play installation. The upgraded calibration featured in the DiabloSport Suspension Controller improves handling and traction across the board by controlling the OEM shocks electronically to optimize them with performance in mind. The changes are instantly noticeable as the shocks will feel much more linear and predictable. With reduced understeer and improved handling, cars will feel planted and handle anything thrown at them, whether on the highway or the track. The DiabloSport Suspension Controller will only work on vehicles equipped with active mode suspension. Hellcats, Redeyes, Demons and most SRT packages will include active suspension modes. For more information, click or call 866-464-6554. (Content courtesy of Holley)

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