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NASCAR AGAIN! NMRA/NMCA QA1/Gear Vendors True Street Cruise to Hit the Banks on NASCAR Oval at Route 66 Raceway/Chicagoland Speedway

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
For the second year in a row the NMRA/NMCA QA1/Gear Vendors True Street cruise will visit the Chicagoland Speedway NASCAR oval for a unique and exclusive experience. On Saturday, True Street participants will exit the Route 66 Raceway property and the cruise will take them across the street to the Chicagoland Speedway. A special route is being created to bring the group through the infield, and then move out on to the oval's famous racing surface. The parade will cruise on the oval before coming back to the drag strip side of the facility, pulling into the staging lanes, and performing the trio of passes. The True Street field will be run as one field with a double purse payout, free entry into Bracket 3 on Sunday, and the Overall Winner gets an Edelbrock Victor trophy. NMRA/NMCA will also crown winners with the quickest average in the 9-, 10-, 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, and 15-second time zones. All winners will celebrate in the famous Aerospace Components Winner's Circle, creating a memorable and enjoyable finale to the True Street challenge. We'd like to give special thanks to Scott Paddock, Terry Greetham, and the Route 66 Raceway/Chicagoland Speedway team for making this happen again in 2019. They've been a great partner of ProMedia since 2001 and opening up the oval track for the second year in a row for the True Street field adds to the fun for enthusiasts participating in the NMRA and NMCA events, said NMRA/NMCA general manager and event director Rollie Miller. For more information and ADVANCE Tickets for the 14th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, presented by Fuel System Technology, please visit

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