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Moroso Introduces Tri-Lobe Five Stage Dry Sump Pump

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Moroso introduces a Tri-Lobe Five Stage Dry Sump Pump with a Brinn/Bert Bellhousing Bracket (part number 22405). The Tri-lobe 1.700 Scavenge sections feature individual timing gears to ensure proper clearance at the highest of rpm. The pump has a 1.200 spur gear pressure section based off Moroso's billet wet sump pump design. The pump weighs almost half of gerotor pumps and takes up to 40% less power to drive. The pump has a pressure adjustment knob and is included with three different pressure range springs. Includes replaceable fittings: Pressure Section -12AN Inlet, -12AN Outlet, Scavenge Inlets -12AN Return -16AN. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Moroso)

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