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MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford 5.2L VooDoo Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Kit

Posted By: Mike Galimi
MAHLE Motorsport's latest addition to a growing line of Ford Modular piston assemblies now includes the Ford 5.2L VooDoo Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Kit. Machined and inspected with the same stringent standards by MAHLE Motorsport North America, this forged replacement piston is available as a drop-in, ready-to-run assembly that requires no rebalancing or compression ratio change. The pistons are designed to accept either the OE rod with tapered small end, or an aftermarket rectangular rod. They are dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE's proprietary GRAFAL coating for reduced drag and wear, and feature hard anodized top ring grooves for maximum durability and to protect against micro-welding. 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm factory PTWA bore-compatible performance rings are also included. The 7.8cc crown design has a compression ratio of 12.0 to 1 based on a 57cc head volume, and calculated at .012 below deck and a .039 head gasket thickness. The PowerPak piston kit comes complete with pins, and clips, and can be purchased through any MAHLE Motorsport distributor. For more information, visit, or call 888-255-1942. (Content courtesy of MAHLE Motorsport)  

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