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Keeping Cool with PROFORM Universal Brushless Electric Engine Fans

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Keeping Cool with PROFORM Universal Brushless Electric Engine Fans
Engine cooling is critical to drag racers, whether you’re looking for max power or consistency in the case of index or Bracket racing. And one way to keep your engine happy is with the latest fans from PROFORM.
PROFORM’s Universal Brushless Electric Engine Fans set higher standards in the Brushless DC game for the Aftermarket. A significant improvement over traditional brushed motor fans, providing approximately 50-percent more cooling power and generating more CFM in a lower profile than other brushed fans on the market!
PROFORM's Brushless Cooling Fans operate with an advanced motor control system that allows them to be installed like traditional brushed motor fans, with simple (+) and (-) wiring. This means that, unlike other brushless fans that require vehicle-specific controllers, PROFORM's Brushless Fans are TRUE universal 12-volt fans, setting them apart from others on the market. While brushless motors are not new, wiring one up like a standard fan is! 
Robust in CFM, with models ranging from 2100 to 4200*, yet light in weight, between 3.9 lbs. to 4.7 lbs., coupled with a three-inch thick profile that ensures a perfect fit even in tight spaces. Another great feature is the inclusion of soft start technology that eliminates harmful amperage spikes. PROFORM Brushless Cooling Fans have no mechanical contacts, giving them longer lifespans of more than double that of a brushed motor.  Includes all the necessary hardware and clear instructions.
• Six models with CFMs ranging from 2100 to 4200*, weighing between 3.9 lbs. to 4.7 lbs., and only a three-inch thick profile, PROFORM Brushless Fans have the best power-to-size ratio in the market.
• PROFORM Brushless Cooling Fans use an advanced motor control system installed just like traditional (+) and (-) brushed motor fans, making them a universal 12-volt product. There's no need for vehicle-specific controllers.
• Internal mechanical contacts, brushless motor technology has a lifespan of at least double that of a brushed motor fans giving you longer-lasting cooling. 
• Optional PROFORM Multi-Speed Digital Controller available as part number 67039. Standard PROFORM Electric Fan Controllers available as part numbers 69598 (thread-in probe), and 69599 (push-in probe).
Whether hitting the racetrack or cruising the streets, upgrading to a PROFORM brushless fan means choosing a cooler, and longer lasting component for your ride. Don't settle for the limitations of yesterday's technology. Power up your passion and experience the difference with PROFORM's brushless fans. Learn more at
(12-Volt Universal; Puller-Style)
67034: 12 Inch Straight Blade; 2100 CFM
67035: 14 Inch Straight Blade; 2900 CFM
67036: 16 Inch Straight Blade; 3400 CFM
67037: 16 Inch S-Blade Style; 3300 CFM
67038: 12 Inch Straight Blade; 2-Pack; 4200* CFM (2100/per fan)
67039: Multi-Speed Brushless Fan Controller; Digital Display
*Combined CFM performance of two 67034 fans, sold as a 2-pack as P/N 67038

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