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Improve 2011-2018 Ford EcoBoost V6 Performance with Direct-Fit Lava Turbo Heat Shield from Heatshield Products

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Owners of the Ford EcoBoost V6 engine can now decrease underhood temperatures while significantly improving turbocharger performance with the direct-fit Lava Turbo Heat Shield from Heatshield Products. The popularity of the Ford EcoBoost V6 is due in large part to its V8 power combined with V6 mileage. However, the factory EcoBoost turbochargers are uninsulated/unshielded, which generates substantial underhood heat. Lava Turbo Heat Shield addresses that by insulating the exhaust side of the turbo, which also reduces turbo lag and improves turbo performance. Lava Turbo Heat Shield is made from Heatshield Products specially formulated and proprietary volcanic rock based material and BioCool thermal-barrier material for a maximum sustained temperature rating of 1,800 degrees F (intermittent maximum rating is 2,200 degrees F). Lava Turbo Heat Shield is resistant to chemicals, oils and other underhood environmental elements that typically will physically degrade cheap, low-quality turbo shields. For more information, visit or call 844-723-2665. (Content courtesy of Heatshield Products)

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