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IDIDIT Push-To-Connect Steering Wheel Quick Release

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
IDIDIT Push-To-Connect Steering Wheel Quick Release
Ididit is all about steering, more specifically, steering solutions. It offers a line of race and street columns, plus all the parts and pieces for a wide range of installations. Some are direct bolt-in, while others are universal and require fabrication.
In racing, especially when a roll cage is installed, a removable steering wheel is a huge bonus. Removing your steering wheel quickly, safely and easily not only facilitates getting the driver in and out of a race car before and after a run, but it could come in handy if the driver needs to exit swiftly in the event of an on-track incident.
That’s where Ididit comes to the rescue with a nine-bolt pattern and designed for a GM/OE Style center spline this push-to-connect quick release offers smooth engagement, close tolerances, and a solid fit, which is reassured with an audible click when the wheel is fully secured. (Ididit has other quick-release options as well). Built from aircraft-grade aluminum, this SFI-certified unit features an anodized pull ring and is available with and without provisions for a horn. 
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