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Holley Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive With Swap Oil Pan And Pump

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Holley Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive With Swap Oil Pan And Pump
Engine swaps are all the rage and when it comes to Ford powerplants, the relatively new 7.3L Godzilla is making big waves. In fact, the engine has become so popular, that the NMRA is holding a Godzilla Invasion in conjunction with the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals June 6-9 in Norwalk, Ohio at Summit Motorsports Park.
Engine swaps are cool, but they can be complicated. To simplify the process of dropping Ford’s 7.3-liter Godzilla engine into something other than a Super Duty pickup, Holley created its complete Godzilla High-Mount Accessory Drive kit which includes a timing cover, a Gerotor oil pump with Melling internals, a 6.5-quart oil pan with integrated windage tray and baffle, water pump, alternator, and the option for air conditioning and power steering in one integrated system.
The versatile system is compatible with factory and aftermarket crank pulleys, and the oil pan provides the proper crossmember and ground clearance. It even allows fitment under a stock Fox Mustang hood when a low-profile intake is also used. The system is available in natural as-cast aluminum or black finishes.
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