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Helping a "Street Outlaw" Hook

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
In the world of fast street cars, no group has become as popular as quickly as the cast of Street Outlaws. In the past year or so, the insanity of what these guys do has escalated with addition of or upgrade to full blown Pro Mod chassis being used on the street. As the cars raced on TV become less and less relatable to most normal human beings, it's no surprise that most of the cast members have actual street cars that are much more relatable to you or I. One such cast member is Derek Travis. In the off-season, Derek's silver Third-Gen Camaro (nicknamed the Silver Unit) was stripped down to nothing more than a factory roof and rear quarter panels for the car's next iteration. While this car had gone way beyond what even the most hardcore street guys would consider a street car, Derek also has a real street car that he tells us is way more fun and enjoyable-a 1999 Camaro SS. To see what we did with the car, read the story >>here<<.  

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