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GTX 5533R Gen II Turbocharger from Garrett by Honeywell

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Honeywell recently announced the release of the Honeywell Garrett GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger their most powerful turbo ever produced. The GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger features brand new and highly advanced GTX compressor wheel technology in a large frame turbo producing 1,000 to 2,500 horsepower. Designed for race classes with specific compressor inlet diameter rules, and for enthusiasts looking to make extreme horsepower., the GTX5533R is class legal in inlet restricted drag racing classes including NHRA Pro Mod, NMCA Drag Radial, and PDRA Pro Boost. The GTX 5533R turbocharger features Honeywell's Gen II forged CNC machined compressor wheel. Starting with a high strength, near net shape, forged blank, Honeywell CNC machines the blade profiles to make the thinnest blades possible without sacrificing strength. This results in the strongest, lowest inertia, fastest spooling and most aerodynamically efficient compressor wheels in the market and are available in 85mm, 88mm, 91mm, 94mm, and 98mm inducer diameters to help you match your compressor to your desired power output or class rules.

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