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FuelTech's New FT500 and FT500LITE UPDATE with INTEGRATED BoostController

Posted By: Mary Lendzion
FuelTech just released a new free update for FT500 and FT500LITE. Now these ECUs integrate a precise and efficient wastegate boost control with tables based on gear, engine RPM and time. Individual boost targets for 2-step, 3-step and burnout mode can also be set up. There are 5 programming modes for tables with gear versus engine RPM, gear versus time, boost versus engine RPM and time after the 2-step. A single target fixed boost is availableFT 2 and usually used for dyno passes. To use the wastegate boost control you just need one input for the wastegate pressure sensor and two outputs for the control valves. Blocks with MAC bullet valves or fuel injectors are fully compatible with the system. 3-way valve and BoostController 2 solenoids can also be used.   The version 2.20 for FT500 and FT500LITE is available on FuelTech's website. Check below for all the new features and how to upgrade your ECU. FT500 and FT500LITE with integrated BoostController installation guide at: Purchase your FT500 or FT500LITE, in case you already own one, download the newest version of FT Manager (v2.20) through and update FREE OF CHARGE!

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