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Engine Management at Your Fingertips

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
It seems a distant memory when the advent of fuel injection on production automobiles had enthusiasts claiming it would be the end of aftermarket performance improvements, but as any hotrodder would do, most looked at ways around it, ways to modify it, and eventually ways to re-invent it to suit their needs. FuelTech's FT500 engine management is what happens when engine tuners, engine builders, and racers put together their respective wish lists, and create a product that not only includes every want and need, but also ensures that changes in the future can be implemented rapidly and easily. As you can imagine with a group of people putting their wish lists together, the FT500 is jam-packed with features. The face of the FT500 is really the 4.3-inch hand-held, touchscreen unit that allows users to tune the vehicle without a laptop. The user-friendly software stored within offers a customizable dashboard to watch engine vitals, sensors, and more, while offering internal storage for five different tuning maps. Engine tuning, or entire map switching, can be done in real time, and the software also provides on-board datalogging. Read more by following the link >>here<< for the entire article.

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