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Eaton's New Twin Vortices Series Supercharger

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
The supercharger specialists at Eaton have expanded the Twin Vortices Series (TVS) line to include the new TVS R2650, the largest supercharger rotating group ever produced by the company. Several new design features are incorporated to maximize efficiency and performance at higher RPM, while the optimized higher twist, four-lobe rotor design boasts a size increase of 15 percent from previous designs to flow 25 percent more air. The 2650cc TVS R2650 is nearly 6 percent more efficient than earlier models and 18 percent less input power is required to operate it due to pressure relief ports in the bearing plate. Additionally, larger bearings and thicker timing gears offer improved durability on the street or at the track. With more than two years of testing and development behind it, Eaton's R2650 is the ultimate, large displacement supercharger for refined power and performance.

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