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Detroit Truetrac, MagnaFuel, and Gear Vendors Continue Class Sponsorships in 2019.

The NMCA is excited to announce that Detroit Truetrac, MagnaFuel, and Gear Vendors all are continuing their class sponsorships in 2019. Detroit Truetrac differentials, an EATON brand, is in many street and strip cars around the world providing optimum torque transfer. In 2019 they will continue sponsoring the Nostalgia Muscle Car class.

The Open Comp class will once again be backed by MagnaFuel, which has been providing fuel pumps and fuel kits to racers since 1995 with many class titles won by racers using their products.

Gear Vendors, manufacturers of overdrive and underdrive systems, which helps translate to more efficient rear wheel power on both street driven and track only vehicles, will once again be sponsoring the ultra-popular True Street class this season.

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