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Champion Creates Professional Grade Red Poly-7 Racing Grease

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Champion Brands, a blender of packaged motor oils, gear lubes, brake fluids and many other specialty racing and automotive chemicals, has recently announced a Professional Grade Poly-7 Red Racing Grease for high-speed competition and racing applications. Champion Poly-7 Red Racing Grease, part number 4053T/40, is red in color, a NLGI #2 classification, tacky, multi-purpose and high-temperature grease that incorporates polymer technology, premium additive technology, hydro-treated base oils, calcium sulfonate and a lithium complex thickening system. Its unique chemistry prevents melting and breakdown of the grease at temperatures over 500 F. The additive and polymer technologies ensure for the racer maximum lubricity, adhesion, resistance to water wash-out and defiance to sling-off. Strong tackiness additives keep the grease in place under high pitch line speeds, and provide ease of application. It is engineered with extreme-pressure anti-wear additives to deliver excellent protection in heavily loaded and high-speed racing applications, ensuring long component life. Poly-7 Red contains a premium combination of additives that provide excellent resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion. Extreme-pressure chemistry and polymer technology work together to ensure reduced wear, especially under extreme shock loads, and protects against scuffing, spalling, fretting, and pitting of bearings, gears and bushings. The high base oil viscosity index improves pumpability while offering higher protection at high racing operating temperatures, while lithium complex thickening provides top tier run-out resistance at heightened operating temperatures. Its superior friction-reduction properties help ensure race and competition type vehicles operate at peak performance. For more information, call 660-890-06231 or visit (Content courtesy of Champion Brands)

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