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Calvert Racing CF Series Front Racing Shocks

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Calvert Racing CF Series Front Racing Shocks

For decades, Calvert Racing has led the way with enhancing traction for drag racers. A champion racer himself, John Clavert has developed all types of suspension and wheelie bar systems for wide range of cars. He's even developed a line os shocks that work exceptionally well.
Proper control of suspension dynamics is crucial to transferring engine output to the racing surface. Calvert Racing specializes in doing just that with its line of drag racing suspension components, including these CF Series 90/10 Drag Shocks. Engineered with dual-compression valving with the softest rebound rate on the market, these dampers are ideal for vehicles with midrange horsepower. Their high-speed valving prevents bottoming out when the front end comes down after a hard launch, while the low-speed compression settles the front end at the top end. Not just copies of the factory-length shocks, these units are each designed with the proper length for their given application to ensure the proper travel to maximize traction.
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