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BMR Motor Mount Kits for 2008-2009 Pontiac G8/Chevy SS

Posted By: Steve Baur
Reduce engine movement and improve throttle response on your 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 with polyurethane or solid motor mounts from BMR Suspension.

The factory oil-filled mounts are designed to absorb noise and vibration for a smooth ride, but do little for performance. Formed from ¼-inch laser cut steel plate and 95-durometer polyurethane bushings, our G8/SS motor mounts offer uncompromised strength and rigidity. The BMR Polyurethane Motor Mounts (MM300) drastically decrease engine movement by replacing the soft rubber bushings with stiffer polyurethane bushings with a minor change in NVH.

The MM300 Polyurethane bushing also allows the engine to respond quicker, as compared to the factory rubber bushings. The BMR Solid Motor Mounts (MM301) completely eliminates engine movement by removing the soft rubber bushings that contribute to deflection. The MM301 Solid Motor Mounts allow for the instant acceleration, even quicker than a polyurethane bushing due to zero flex. BMR has designed the MM300/MM301 for street performance, road racing, and drag racing applications.  Installation time is 2-3 hour. Available in black hammertone or red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
To preview all of BMR’s high-performance suspension parts, please visit, or contact them at (813) 986-9302.

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