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Battle Ready— Everything You Need to Know about NMCA’s new Street Warrior 10.10 Debuting this Season

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Battle Ready— Everything You Need to Know about NMCA’s new Street Warrior 10.10 Debuting this Season
Written by Ainsley Jacobs
Photography by the FSC staff
The newest class to join the Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals drag racing series for 2024, Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 Presented by Chevrolet Performance, is set to debut to the world on April 11-14 at North Carolina’s Rockingham Dragway as part of the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals, and all eyes will be on the class to watch its historic inception.
Born of technology and ingenuity, the NMCA continues to build on its heritage of hosting the world’s fastest street cars as the new Street Warrior 10.10 category paves the way for an all-new era of drag racing. 
With the resurgence in popularity of quick street cars over the years and a revival of late-model drag racing taking center stage across the globe, the NMCA developed the class specifically to create a place in which low-10-second street/strip machines could do battle on the quarter-mile.
The Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 Presented by Chevrolet Performance class opens the door for quick, domestic American-made and production-bodied, street-legal vehicles to compete on a national stage while also providing the opportunity for drivers to earn big payouts and pro-level contingency cash, all while competing for a prestigious season championship title.
Although the class was originally announced as being restricted to General Motors-powered vehicles only, a later rules revision smartly scrapped that stipulation and kicked the door wide open to let any Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, or other domestic car and truck into the party so any racer can get in on the action.
To be eligible, participants will need to ensure their vehicles are street-legal by providing proof of current registration as well as valid insurance. Crossbreeding of powertrains is allowed and a wide variety of popular powerplants may be used, including a plethora of crate engine options from Chevrolet Performance; with class rules explicitly stating “any internal modifications are permitted,” the combinations are unlimited in potential.
The class will be contested on a single index, 10.10 seconds in the quarter mile, although the entries will all be quite capable of running single-digit elapsed times. In qualifying, racers will be ranked according to their elapsed times with those running closest to the 10.10 index toward the top of the order, and those who ran under, going 10.099 or quicker, will be placed at the bottom. As per class rules, the number one qualifier will have the first-round potential bye run.
As an all-run field, elimination pairings will be determined by the car count in the class at each event. For racers where there are 33 or more cars, random pairings will be utilized. However, for events, that host 32 or fewer cars, pairings will be determined via a chip draw at the back of the lanes.
With a heads-up .400 Pro Tree signaling the start of each pairing and the winner of each round being determined as the cars cross the quarter-mile stripe designation, however, drivers should take caution in not running too quickly as any competitor who goes 9.999 or under will be disqualified from the competition.
“It will be fun to see where this class goes because it opens participation up to so many more street-car racers,” said Warren Ekery, Event Marketing Coordinator at Scoggin Dickey Parts Center. “They can come out and run on an index class and they don’t have to try to be competitive with the seasoned heads-up racers with purpose-built race cars.”
Sticking to the spirit of “street legal” is the main goal of the class, so the rulebook was written to ensure the field plays fair. While both front and rear tires must be DOT-approved, racers can opt to wrap their wheels with applicable drag radial rubber (up to 275/60/15) or a bias ply tire (up to 28x10.6) while 17-inch or larger wheels may use up to a 355 wide tire. This gives competitors the choice to run a sticky set of radials or slicks so that their street car can hook up harder at the hit according to their power preferences and tuning tendencies.
Stock-appearing windows must be in place, and lightweight aftermarket body panels are limited to certain components. Each car or truck must have its full, factory-type interior including upholstery, carpet, door panels, factory-style dash, and both driver and front passenger seats.
Each car must contain its entire cooling system within the engine compartment and a radiator — either OEM production-style or aftermarket — must be present and mounted in the stock location. Both cooling fans and aftermarket water pumps are accepted, but ice chests/reservoirs for engine cooling are strictly limited to pit use only. Additionally, the stock, unaltered, factory firewall is required for all entries and the entire floor, including the transmission tunnel, must be unaltered and in the stock location.
Although there are restrictions on the overall vehicle setup, the rules for how horsepower is produced were intentionally written to be wide open and to let racers enjoy both freedom and flexibility in creating a combination that works best for them.
“Any power adder or combination of power adders permitted (nitrous oxide, supercharger, or turbocharger or a combination) Meth injection permitted,” states the Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 presented by Chevrolet Performance rulebook. “Air-to-water intercoolers are permitted for supercharged and turbocharged entries only. Only one intercooler is permitted for all boosted applications.”
Turbocharged vehicles aren’t obligated to run a muffler (or mufflers), but all other entries are required to do so, however, the exhaust(s) may exit anywhere and location is not regulated.
Rounding out the drivetrain, class rules permit aftermarket axles, ring and pinions, final drive, spools, and differentials to all be used while both manual and any style automatic transmission, along with transbrakes, are all allowed.
“Stock-type front suspension, or stock bolt-in-type replacement front suspension required,” continues the rule book. “Stock-type chassis and stock-type suspension are required in the rear. Coilover shocks and springs are permitted for both front and rear.” Additional modifications, such as aftermarket control arms, K-members, sub-frames, and more, as well as mini-tubs, ladder bars, and even aftermarket four-links, are permissible, however, both back-half vehicles and wheelie bars are both forbidden.
To keep competitors safe, of course, every car must have a chassis that meets the guidelines set by SFI for their respective speed and elapsed time with a valid NHRA serialized chassis sticker necessary for cars running 9.99 seconds or quicker (and/or 135 mph or faster) when at NHRA member tracks. Drivers must also comply with class safety requirements.
Similarly, every NMCA Street Warrior 10.10 vehicle’s front and rear frame rails must remain in the stock locations. Although rear rails may be notched for tire clearance only, the front rails are to remain unaltered and, of course, full tube-tyle chassis cars are not permitted.
Given that Street Warrior 10.10 was created to showcase seriously quick street cars, competitors can enjoy a full weekend of racing at every NMCA event as crossover into True Street is not only allowed but also encouraged, so they can maximize their time behind the wheel.
NMCA’s Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 Presented by Chevrolet Performance is a season points championship class set to run during every Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals event for 2024. In addition to the allure of securing undeniable bragging rights and a place in the NMCA’s indelible history books, winners of the class will take home $1,000 for their efforts while runners-up will score $400, semifinalists will earn $125, and quarterfinalists will head home with an extra $50 in their wallets.
Additionally, the NMCA’s extensive contingency program provides ample opportunity for racers to pad their pockets with even more cash as winners can receive an additional $350 ($175 to runners-up) per qualified product. To sweeten the pot even more, Chevrolet Performance may offer crate engine bounties for purchases made through Scoggin Dickey Parts Center.
Many racers have already committed to the 2024 NMCA Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 presented by Chevrolet Performance season and are ready to get rolling. Among them is Tim Poston, the 2023 NMCA Proform Rumble champion, along with his son, crew chief, and 2023 NMCA LME Street King champion, Cody Poston.
Over the years, the Poston men have dialed in the Corvette to run consistent 10.0-second passes in the quarter mile. Equipped with a ProCharger supercharged LS3 engine built by multi-time NMCA champion Jessie Coulter of Jessie’s Garage, the combination has proven to be a winning one for Tim Poston and he plans on exploring other avenues with it in 2024.
“I really like the format of Rumble and NMCA Street Warrior 10.10, because all I gotta do is be good off the line and not run too fast,” shared the successful Kentucky-based wheelman. “I saw the 8.60 Street Race class on the Ford [NMRA] side, and, when NMCA announced this class, I was tickled!”
Tim’s Corvette was already perfectly set up for NMCA Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 Presented by Chevrolet Performance minus one small part… the trans brake. He had always raced on a foot brake in Rumble, so he pulled his 4L60 automatic and brought it up to RPM Transmission to have them add the missing components. 
Other than the transbrake, Tim plans to change precisely nothing in his setup, as his team has already done a phenomenal job preparing it for competition. “Jessie [Coulter] gets the car ready for me to race and does all of the mechanical work, and then when I get to the track, Cody does the mechanical and tunes the Holley EFI, and they both do a great job,” said Tim, who enjoys his role of simply driving and having all the fun.
After a tremendous season in 2023 in which both he and his son captured championship titles, Tim is “looking forward to using the transbrake” and having fun. He knows it’ll be a little different from what he’s used to, but he’s excited to be racing and fully intends to be at every one of the NMCA Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Street Warrior 10.10 Presented by Chevrolet Performance events in 2024.
Similarly, another of the former Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series/NMCA racers, Keith Vaughn, will be joining the fun in NMCA Street Warrior 10.10 for 2024. Having previously run in both Rumble and Chevrolet Performance Stock, Vaughn is happy to have a new class to participate in as the latter was not renewed for the coming year.
“My car fights right into Street Warrior 10.10 and it’s still street legal with turn signals and everything,” noted Vaughn of his black 1987 Chevrolet Corvette. The LS-powered Fourth Gen has seen its share of runs down the dragstrip over the years, and other than swapping to some DOT-approved tires and changing the rear gear to accommodate the shorter rollers, Vaughn won’t be messing with perfection. “I like the NMCA races because they’re easy for me to get to without taking too much time off from work, too.”
Hoping to dabble in the NMCA Super Stock category with his C4 as well, Vaughn’s also hoping to run his red Chevrolet Performance Stock C6 Corvette in Limited 235 between NMCA outings, and both will remain eligible for various standalone sealed-stock shootout events.
“We already know we can run the number and will have to slow down a bit to get to 10.10… everyone in the class will be able to run it, so it’s going to be a driver’s race where what you do on the tree matters a lot,” he concluded of the close competition he’s expecting to experience in NMCA Street Warrior 10.10.
The new category has been so well received, in fact, that many new faces who have never run with the NMCA before have signed up to claim their class permanent numbers and are eager to blast down Rockingham’s surface to start their seasons.
Hailing from Indiana, newcomer Bryan Thurman will campaign his 2004 Corvette in 2024. “This will be my first time running with the NMCA,” Thurman. A detective for the Fort Wayne Police Department, the 58-year-old is certainly no stranger to speed but took some time off from racing in recent years. “I’m excited to get back to it.”
In preparation for his debut, Thurman has been busy finishing up his build at his friend Roger Coe’s shop. In addition to a 6.0-liter, Vortech-supercharged LS engine, Thurman will rely on a rear end from RPM Transmission along with RPM’s Stage X “maxed out on strength” 4L60E GM gearbox with integrated trans brake. 
“I’ve lightened the car quite a bit so I can run in the 9s… and I better, because I got my new plates that say ‘9SEC C5’ so I gotta put up or shut up,” laughed Thurman, knowing he’ll have to dial back the excitement to be competitive on Street Warrior’s 10.10 index. “Ideally, I would like to run the whole NMCA season. Getting days off can be tricky with my work schedule, but I’m planning to run every event I can!”
With many competitors already knee-deep in preparing their builds, the NMCA’s newest addition will be contested for the first time at the series’ season opener event in mid-April of 2024 in Rockingham, North Carolina, and it’s sure to be an unforgettable occasion.
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