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ARP Expands Lineup of Special “Chaser” Taps

Posted By: Evan J, Smith
ARP Expands Lineup of Special “Chaser” Taps
Properly preparing engine blocks, cylinder heads and other components for assembly should include thoroughly cleaning all threaded apertures. Debris can severely compromise accurately preloading a fastener, which is why ARP offers specially designed “chaser” taps. They are not designed to cut threads; only clean them.
ARP has expanded its tap offerings to include some 22 different sizes (SAE and metric), plus combination sets that feature the most popular sizes.
Along with using “chaser” taps, engine builders can rely on ARP Ultra-Torque® fastener lubricant to obtain accurate fastener preloading. Extensive laboratory tests show it to be far superior to oil, moly, EPL and other substances in delivering 95-100% of the desired preload in the first (and any subsequent) “pull” of the torque wrench.
For additional information visit www.ARP-bolts. com. A printed copy of the new 2024 catalog (which shows all tap sizes) is available upon request. Personalized tech help is available by calling 800-826-3045.

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