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ARP Exhaust System Fasteners

Posted By: Evan J.Smith
ARP Exhaust System Fasteners
Fasteners are a critical part of any race or street car. Simply stated, you don’t want parts falling off and in racing, any failure can cost you a race or round win. For decades, ARP has led the way with high-quality fasteners for mounting and securing any and everything. And with the NMRA and NMCA in the books, it’s a great time to inspect critical systems and replace worn hardware.
Racers and performance enthusiasts will be interested in the newest exhaust hardware from ARP. High-flow exhaust system is key to extracting maximum output from a performance engine, but exhaust leaks will cause issues. To ensure your exhaust system stays put, ARP offers a wide range of fasteners for cast-iron manifolds and headers.
These fasteners are available as part of application-specific kits for popular engines and universal kits for other combinations. Installing header bolts can be a pain, so these are designed with nut-starter noses that help accurately place gaskets and guide the header flanges home. ARP offers them with hex or 12-point heads, and they are available in stainless and black finishes and five packs in .250-inch lengths. 
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