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ARC 10-Pin Connector Cable

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
ARC 10-Pin Connector Cable
Clean race car wiring is one of those things that we strive to obtain. A well-laid-out wiring system looks professional, but more importantly, it makes problem solving easier, should a situation arise.
For many years, Auto Rod Controls (ARC) has been at the leading edge of manufacturing switch panels and wiring systems for racers and street enthusiasts. Recently, while at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indy, we had the chance to look at the latest systems, including ARC’s new products.
Offering several sleeking wiring and switchgear components for race car builders, Auto Rod Controls developed a new cable that makes connecting its innovative Flat-Touch Controls easier and more rugged. The company’s new Overmolded 10-pin Connector Cable is compatible with all of the company’s aforementioned control panels. It features a round, ultra-flexible, PVC-jacketed cable, a more durable design, and new cable-clamp hardware. Available in 8-foot lengths to connect the panels with ARC’s relay boards.
This is a more-durable cable than what was previously available and that will provide better performance in the field. For more information on the 10-pin Connector Cable and all the ARC products, call 732/851-5095 or visit

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