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Amp'd 2.0 Throttle Booster Is An Advanced Throttle Modification Device

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The Amp'd 2.0 Throttle Booster is an advanced throttle modification device which'removes throttle response delays and instantly puts users in total control of throttle response in their vehicle. A Bluetooth App provides full control over the Amp'd 2.0 Throttle Sensitivity Booster. Users will have the ability to instantly select from five preset throttle curves or customize their own throttle curve and save it into the device so they can alternate from custom curves and preset curves in seconds. Amp'd features: Wireless control switch Full user-customizable throttle curves Includes mobile app for Android/IOS Includes coverage on late-model gas and diesel equipped vehicles GM/Ford/Dodge/Ram/Toyota/Jeep coverage and more Increases accelerator pedal response over stock Reduces dead pedal feeling (acceleration lag) Works with stock or modified vehicles Build turbo boost quicker on turbo-charged vehicles Five preset throttle curves Three customizable throttle slots Easy installation Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity settings: Economy 80% Stock 100% Drive 150% Sport 175% Extreme 200% Custom Curve Slot 1 Custom Curve Slot 3 Custom Curve Slot 3 The Amp'd 2.0 Switch includes adhesive mounts, allowing users the freedom to put the control switch wherever they want in their vehicles. For more information, visit or call 866-464-6553. (Content courtesy of Amp'd/Holley)  

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