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600+ HP of Tire Destroying ProCharger Horsepower

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
600+ HP of Tire Destroying ProCharger Horsepower
It’s no secret that ProCharger Superchargers have been powering NMCA racers for decades and that includes all levels and many categories. And if you’re looking to up the ante of your Bow Tie, ProCharger can help you add 170-plus horsepower to your 2023 Camaro LT1 SS, putting it well into the 600-plus HP range, with a supercharger system that you can install in your garage! 
ProCharger offers two supercharger systems to choose from, the HO and the Stage II. The HO System delivers 7 psi of boost and works with pump gas. And with that, your 2023 Camaro SS can enjoy a gain of 150-plus HP. Compatible with both stock or modified vehicles, the HO kit features a robust billet bracket design that utilizes strategic mounting points on the LT1 motor for maximum bracket strength and integrity. No removal of any OEM parts is needed with this bracket installation, which not only speeds up the install, but it also ensures that all factory braking, cooling, and oiling systems on the car work just as GM intended.
In addition, ProCharger offers the Stage II System that features a larger intercooler and yields 170-plus horsepower at the same boost level!
But for those who want even more power, you can easily upgrade your ProCharger head unit to create a supercharged monster to achieve upwards of 1,200 ponies. The HO and Stage II kits will firmly hold ProCharger head units ranging in size from the entry-level P-1SC-1 all the way up to an F-1A-94. For modified applications, check out ProCharger tuner kits and options using its online system configurator.

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