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13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Friday Coverage

Posted By: Event Coverage Team

The 13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport had a strong start yesterday as competitors got a feel for the track during time trials. However, things get real in a hurry today as racers head immediately into qualifying at Atlanta Dragway. Keep an eye on this page for updates to see how the action unfolds.

For qualifying results, CLICK HERE.

Dave Schultz used to race his 1960 Plymouth wagon decorated as the Texas Whale, but after rebuilding the car two years ago, he now campaigns it as the Screamin' Woody in Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock. Powered by a 580-cube Wedge, the two-door wagon runs mid-nines. Interestingly, it used to be a four-door car but he converted it to a two-door arrangement. He said he is feeling good about the car's prospects this weekend at the 13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport.

You don't see too many of these out and about, especially competing at the drag strip. Driver Nick Caputo runs this 76 Vega in MagnaFuel Open Comp and Bracket Open categories. It was a show car from the 1990s through the 2000s, but he decided to start racing the car with his dad. It has run a best of an 11.49 in the quarter, but he recently dyno'd the car and hopes it will run better here at Atlanta Dragway.

Amy Gray brought her car out to run in the Dodge // Mopar Hemi Shootout at last year's Atlanta Dragway event. She definitely got hooked, as she traded that car in on this 2020 Scat Pack three months ago. It only has 5,000 miles on the clock and she brought it out to the final race at this track. Upgraded with only lightweight wheels and a cold-air intake, it has run a best ET of 12.9 thus far, so she might be a player in the 13-second category this weekend.

Jason Terrell works at Tin Soldier Race Cars, which is in the process of building a new shop race car. In the interim, they wanted to race, so customer Mike Farmer agreed to let him race this clean, 1980 Camaro this weekend at the 13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport. It runs a stock-block LS upgraded with a full Brian Tooley Racing valvetrain, a Precision turbocharger. Tin Soldier tuned the Holley EFI system and dialed in the Menscher shocks, so it will be fun to see how it runs this weekend in Edelbrock Xtreme Street.

Bill Trovato says his Edelbrock Xtreme Street Camaro is awesome, but the driver needs some work. As such he is going back to the basics for the driver mod, and working to hone his skills at the tree. He dusted off an old practice tree and plans to put in the work to hasten his reaction times in competition.

Since the season opener Wesley Taylor moved to a new Forced Induction turbocharger under the hood of his Edelbrock Xtreme Street Camaro. The car runs a Bennett Racing Engines 388ci LSX powerplant controlled by a Big Stuff 3 EFI system. After spinning in testing he was moving weight around and playing with the launch rpm to find the hook at the 13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport.

Chad Neuenschwander arrived on Thursday morning with the same setup in his Dart NA 10.5 Mustang as he ran at the season opener. It ran a 7.90 in Florida, so he was working on the tuning and the setup to make hay on the Atlanta Dragway surface.

Rocko Khoury campaigns this 2014 Mustang powered by a 498-cube Olds big-block in Dart NA 10.5 competition. Banging gears with a five-speed he has run deep into the mid-7-second range with the car. At the 13th Annual Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport he was keeping the combo consistent, but just tweaking the four-link to find the right hook.

Having sold his famous Barn Burner Pro Mod to a new owner in Montana, Craig Sullivan needed something to drive in NMCA VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod and called up his friend, Chip King, to ask a favor. King loaned Sullivan his old NHRA entry, a 69 Dodge Charger Daytona, and the supercharged engine from the Barn Burner was put in place. Sullivan had some tire shake at the NMCA season opener in Florida and changed the four link to compensate, but still shook during testing in Atlanta yesterday. The M&M Transmissions built gearbox has been updated with new ratios as well, but Sullivan is still working out the kinks in the combination after having gone 4.998 at 99.97 mph during the first qualifying session today. In NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street, Kyle Salminen's got his father Matt Salminen's 68 Camaro tuned up and ready to make some strong hits. Salminen ran last season on radial tires but has changed to a set of Mickey Thompson slicks for 2021 and is busy sorting out the stickies. After earning his first event win in 2020, the younger man was early on the tree in round one at the 2021 NMCA season opener in Florida and has vowed not to make that same mistake again. Over the offseason, Salminen upgraded his Nelson Competition-built big block Chevy engine and Wilson intake manifold to use a FuelTech FT600 fuel injection system instead of its previous carbureted setup, and the change has worked out well. In qualifying this morning, Salminen ran 4.379 at 168.37 mph just a touch off the current record that was set by Jake Naumann of 4.348 in March. NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street competitor Kelly Boring's 00 Mustang sure has an interesting story behind its Carroll Shelby signature. The man was attending a small car show several years back, and Shelby was on the property. He was happy with the car, recalled Boring, who was lucky enough to have Shelby sign the dash and provide a certificate of authenticity for the autograph. A true street car, Boring's ride is equipped with power wipers, power door locks, power mirrors, a trunk light that works, and more. Under the hood, though, it's all business as the BES Racing Engines powerplant is sized at 598 ci and carries a hefty dose of Induction Solutions nitrous oxide. Boring arrived at Atlanta Dragway on Friday morning so he is heading straight into qualifying without any prior testing this weekend. Craig Watson ran with the NMCA a few years ago, but he has since regrouped and plans to contest the rest of the season in Edelbrock Xtreme Street with his Precision turbocharged LSX-powered 1973 Nova. Watson and Tooley of Brian Tooley Racing built the 388ci engine in his garage, and it's similar in components and design to the championship winning combination that Jessie Coulter used. Watson will be whittling away in the tuneup using AEM Electronics to help him get where he needs to be. By the end of the 2020 season, the P&P Motorsports team of Tony Petrovski and Riste Pancevski started making great progress with their 598ci big-block Chevy-powered Mustang in Dart NA 10.5 competition. In early 2021, the team inked a sponsorship deal with the class sponsor, and showed up in Commerce with a 400ci LS Next-based engine that was a joint build between Dart and Book Racing Engines originally designed for the NMCA Pro Stock class. On the engine dyno, the little LS engine produced 1,168 hp at 10,379 rpm! Changing to this engine meant that the P&P guys were able to take a significant weight break over 600 lbs, and the Fox body went on a major diet to accomplish that. Gearing changes were in order as well, and the Michigan-based racing team this weekend will be working hard to get the engine and chassis working harmoniously. Making his return to Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin Dickey Part Center is Kevin Lumsden. His 1969 Camaro is a Real Deal Steel rolling chassis that was modified, painted, and finished by AutoKraft Race Cars and Restorations in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Lumsden arrived this weekend with a boatload of dyno pulls on the DR525 powerplant, but just one pass on the car with the new powerplant. His second hit this weekend was a 10.11, putting him in the ballpark with the rest of the class that has whittled its way down to the high 9s. Steven Hall got his taste of NMCA competition during the 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet Reunion held during the NMCA All-American Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, in 2018. He won the vintage Cobra Jet class with his 1968 Mustang CJ, and is racing this weekend here in Atlanta to start his 2021 NMCA season. The Sweeny, Texas, native will contest the Coan Stock/Super Stock Combo class this weekend behind the wheel of his 428ci-powered Mustang, which he has raced since 1999, and built in just 7 days after he lost his previous ride in a trailer fire. Having to take a hiatus from driving duties due to medical reasons, Edelbrock Xtreme Street driver Ray Cox received the all clear to drop the hammer once again. He'll have big shoes to fill as his fill-in driver posted the car's quickest elapsed times to date, but hopefully he can knock off the ring rust by the time eliminations come around later this weekend. Dart NA 10.5 racer Rick Hornback has his 1969 Chevelle back in competition here at Atlanta Dragway. A new 632ci engine combination with Dart heads worked by Open Comp racer Scott Williams is pushing power to a new level, and chassis guru Chris Spall is tuning a new set of shocks for the classic muscle car, and also fabricated the monster headers in the engine bay. Rick's son, Tyler, is keeping the team on track and making sure the program runs smoothly. Edelbrock Xtreme Street racer Scott Grove went took a quick flight during Thursday testing aboard his nitrous-oxide-enhanced Mustang. While the property the drag strip was built on was originally intended to be an airport, we're sure Grove would rather not have had to repair his oil pan last night for qualifying today. Thankfully, the was the extent of the damage. Longtime NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street racer James Noel is here, but not with his usual 69 Ford Mustang and he's feeling a little bummed about it. Noel took the car out testing two weeks ago and it dropped a valve, so instead he's running in NMCA MagnaFuel Open Comp with his 71 Mustang Mach I that his son, Jared, learned to race in. The Mach I has been a racecar since the mid-'70s and is a former IHRA Super Stock car that set a record in 82. Noel has had the car for about six years and runs a 460 ci engine with a Turbo 400 transmission all managed by his repair shop, Action Automotive. NMCA VP Racing Lubricants driver Rob Cox went 3.876 at 201.01 mph during this morning's qualifying session and was looking to improve on that with his Jerry Bickel 17 Camaro, but things didn't go as planned on the second run. When the lock up came on, the car went into tire shake and moved towards the centerline. Cox got out of it but then realized he had lost his brakes and the turbocharged entry was wobbling in a big way. He was able to avoid any impacts and got off the track safely, but when he got back to his pit he realized that both of the spindles on the rear end housing had broken off. The question now is, can Cox find another housing and get it fixed or if not how can he get the car back on the trailer without any rear wheels on it was sitting solidly in fourth after the first qualifier with Sal, his son, tuner, and crew chief, by his side. DiDomenico's 3.914 at 154.12 mph pass didn't come effortlessly, though, as the team noticed a few of the chassis bars were cracked. They took out the rear end, cleaned things up, welded the cracks, and put it all back together to get squared away to run the rest of the weekend. The Camaro is powered by a Rage Fuel Systems-prepped 521 ci Noonan engine with an SSI supercharger on top, and a Quick Drive with a 5-speed Liberty transmission behind it. DiDomenico is also supported by Robots Done Right, CNC Performance, Carmack Engineering, FuelTech, and Tub-O-Towels.

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