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11th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag RacingFriday Coverage

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
NEWS3 Jason Hamstra and his father Kevin will be contesting VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod this weekend with their Dan Page chassis'd, 521ci Hemi-powered Mustang. The Hamstras recently added new Noonan cylinder heads with bigger valves and sped up the Mike Janis blower to fit the Xtreme Pro Mod rules, and the Indy-based team clocked a 3.84 at 197 recently at another event which should prove competitive here this weekend. NEWS4 One of several NMCA WEST racers that have come to the Super Bowl to mix it up, Vic Brum was the series 2015 Lucas Oil NA 10.5 champion but he will be entering the ARP Nitrous Pro Street ranks this weekend. His beautiful Chevelle will be sans nitrous oxide, and the Arizona-based driver is hoping to go consistent 7.80s on motor this weekend.       NMCA-BuckleyHusband and wife team Georgina and Dave Buckley have a busy weekend ahead of them as each is doing driving duties this weekend, but of course it's Gerogina's 85 Mustang that is the true stand out. The couple has owned the car for 20+ years, and in its pre-racecar life, it was used to deliver pizzas. Now, a big block Chevy engine built by Jimmy Lopez topped with Brodix heads and Book Racing Enterprises carbs sits under the hood along with a PTC transmission, and Georgina admits she takes a lot of heat for running Chevrolet power in her Ford. Despite the drama, Georgina puts it down where it counts in her Speedtech nitrous assisted Mustang, she's currently the quickest woman on 275 radials and has run a personal best of 4.63. She'll be running the Tucci Street & Race Car Fabrication-built car in Wiseco Street Outlaw this weekend. Is beautiful paint was sprayed by Classic Auto Body, and the team receives additional assistance from Holeshot Parts & Performance.   NMCA-StoneKeeping a tight lip with regards to his numbers in previous test sessions, Russell Stone the new owner of Kuntz & Co Engines will be showing the world what his new Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw Mustang can do once qualifying begins. Kuntz is running a rather uncommon small-block nitrous combination, with a 460ci engine from Kuntz & Co and a Speedtech laughing gas system all tuned by nitrous bad boy Jody Hadley. An M&M Powerglide transmission is bolted on to the bullet, while AFCO shocks by Menscer Motorsports can be found at all four corners. NMCA-FisherNotorious X275 racer Shane Fisher is on site to try his hand in Wiseco/ VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, marking his second-ever appearance in NMRA/NMCA competition. His small-block Ford-powered 93 Mustang carries the names of many greats, including John Kolivas, Jon Bennett, KBX Performance and Pressurized Solutions. A recent move up to a 94mm Precision turbo means Fisher is expecting to run quicker than ever before, although he insists he's here only to make the show and not to break any records.   NMCA-KenwardWe caught Wheelie Wagon pilot Eric Kenward goofing off before the start of Edelbrock Xtreme Street. Testing out his new ride, Kenward had no comment on what he expected it to run. ;) NMCA-SebringLee Sebring, whose voice many may recognize as he often serves as an official announcer of NMRA/NMCA races, is going behind the scenes today. Mr. "Top End Charge" will be crewing on Vince Palazzolo's KBX Performance/Bennett Racing Engines powered, turbocharged Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw 03 Mustang. NEWS5Longtime Edelbrock Xtreme Street racer Dan Kroll is back in action with his familiar black notchback. Between the front fenders is a new 572ci big-block (nick-named DOOM) from DKR Motorsports and Speed Service and it is backed by a ProFormance Powerglide transmission. Kroll also said there are some new upgrades from PKRE and Innovative Racecraft, as well as a tried and true Induction Solutions fogger system. Recent testing didn't provide any good data due to track conditions, so Steven Wardlow, who will be driving the Kroll machine this weekend, will have his work cut out for him come round one of qualifying. NEWS6Running both of the FKR turbocharged machines this weekend are Josh Klugger and Flash Fiscus in Mickey Thompson Radial Wars and VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod respectively. The FKR group was able to get its second engine back from Pro Line Racing, so the motor-swapping days are hopefully behind them. Helping the two drivers this weekend will be Johnny Drama and Pete Johnson, and we're sure they like that idea given they will be fielding two cars at the same event, something the team has only done a handful of times. Rumor has it that the Racecraft-built Mustang notchback may be available for purchase as the team could possibly be looking at a two-car pro mod effort in the future. NEWS7 The NMCA's 2015 Quick Lane of Downs Ford NA 10.5 champion has been struggling this year with his short times. His SN95 Mustang has been wadding up it's slicks at the hit and causing the car to upset the weight transfer and lose traction shortly after. Despite tire and suspension changes, Long hasn't had much luck in curing the issue, but a conversation with Buddy Legath of Mickey Thompson Tires convinced him to try a new set of tires and a new set of tubes, which Legath said should be changed every year Long has gone three years on his, so we'll see how it all pans out in the first round of qualifying. NEWS8 Catching our eye in the puts was Randy Truhlar's beautiful 70 Chevy Nova. The Elk Grove Village, Illinois resident will be competing in Wiseco Performance Products Street Outlaw this weekend and is looking for solid 4.80s from the Nova. Under the hood is a 598ci big-block Chevy with a single NOS fogger system on board, and Truhlar was quick to point out that Steven Wardlow put in a lot of hours rehabbing the car, handling the paint, bodywork, and wiring over the last year and a half. EdwardsIt was the 8.2 Deck Mafia decal on the windshield of Matt Bell's Mustang which caught our attention and drew us over to the car, which is piloted by Brian Edwards in MX235. It indeed features an 8.2 deck 356 cubic-inch small-block Ford by John Carl's JDC Engineering, and it's topped with Trick Flow Specialties High Ports and fronted by an 85mm Precision turbo, and a Proformance Racing Transmissions-build Powerglide is below the surface doing its part to help plant the power. Edwards, who was the number one qualifier at the Bowling Green race in May with a 4.67, and the number one qualifier with a 4.78 at the race in Indiana in June, is looking for high 4.50s or low 4.60s, but isn't sure he'll get it in this weekend's heat. CamrenCamren Massengale, who showcased the new 440 cubic-inch LSX engine in his Corvette by driving to a win in Holley EFI Real Street at the NMCA race in Indiana in June, is hoping to repeat that feat at this race, but in Edelbrock Xtreme Street. The RPM Transmissions-built 440 LSX engine on an aluminum Dart LS Next2 block is 120 pounds lighter than his previous 440 cubic-inch engine on an iron block, and while Massengale ran a 7.66 with his former engine, he's looking for a 7.49 with his new engine. Johnson While Kenny Johnson only has nine passes on the 2010 Camaro he's piloting out of the RPM Transmissions stable and is still dialing it in, he has already posted an 8.20 in Edelbrock Xtreme Street with a RPM Transmissions-built 358 cubic-inch LSX engine, Precision 76mm turbo and RPM Transmissions-built three-speed Turbo 400. The engine has a lot of power, and the car is showing good numbers, said Johnson, who also works at RPM Transmissions. We're still tuning, but if I could get it to go 7.99 in this weekend's heat, and then eventually 7.80s, I'll be happy. Shawn Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 drivers have put out the welcome mat for New Yorker Shawn Finn, who's making his debut in the class this weekend. He finished transforming his '69 Corvette from a street car to a strip car in April, and it features a 421 cubic-inch small-block Chevy which he built and then topped with SB2 heads and M&M Competition Engines cast intake. The car equipped with leafsprings and CalTracs has trapped a best of 8.68, and Finn, who has a mere 22 passes in his new creation, hopes to achieve 8.50s this weekend. James Noel While James Noel used to wheel his 69 Mustang in E3 Spark Plugs Top Sportsman, he made the move to ARP Nitrous Pro Street at the race in Indiana in June, where he ran as quick as 7.62. The South Carolina-based driver is looking to pick up, however, and just swapped to a new converter to better complement his Bennett Racings-built small-block Ford and Induction Solutions nitrous set-up. Now, he's anxious to dial it all in. "I had been wanting to go heads-up racing, but now I need to run 7.30s," said Noel, who also runs NHRA Top Sportsman. "I should have it in my combination. I just need to find it and pull it out." NMCA-Urist Nine-time world champion John Urist has one of the most talked about cars on the property this weekend. He's debuting his new Turn 14 Distribution-sponsored 2016 Ford Mustang in Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, and the S550 is nothing short of a work of art. Urist confirmed that every single piece of technological advancement possible is on the car, and his painstaking attention to detail is evident. Under the hood is his teammate Haley James engine for the time being, but a 358 ci Coyote from MMR is being built each engine features a turbo kit from none other than Hellion Turbo. Urist is busy finishing up some odds and ends, including wiring, but vowed to have the car running by the end of the day and ready to qualify tomorrow. The fact that he's even here wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the incredible support and encouragement he receives from so many on his team, many of whom were unable to join him here in Joliet, especially his wonderful wife, Melissa, and beautiful daughter, Lauren. Ritli While ARP Nitrous Pro Street driver Josh Ritli had been out of competition since he hurt his engine in 2014, he's back this weekend, with a new engine under the hood of his 69 Camaro. It's the 525 cubic-inch big-block Chevy he purchased from a seller a few towns away from his home in Newark, Illinois, but he recently swapped cranks to bring it down to 498 cubic-inches. I had wanted to test before this race, but didn't get to because of the rain, so I'll make a couple passes on horsepower before I put the bottle in this weekend, said Ritli, who's aiming for 7.35 or quicker. For a recent story about Ritli and his combination on NMCA's Website, click HERE Frank Hoffman We're used to seeing Frank Hoffman working as a "tech bubba" for NMRA, as NMRA/NMCA National Event Director Rollie Miller calls him, but he has the weekend off and is spending it behind the wheel of his Fox body Mustang in Quick Lane of Downs Ford NA 10.5. When we asked him what was new since we last saw him in competition, he teased that he had a new engine, but would only indicate that it's a 440 cubic-inch LSX bullet which he built and topped with Roush-ported LSX DR heads and intake, and that Roush recently dyno-tuned the masterpiece, but he was mum on numbers. Hoffman, whose son, Dominic, is part of his crew this weekend, ran a 9.17 in his first qualifying run today, and continues to creep up on his tune. NMCA-MMR The creative geniuses at Modular Motorsports Racing (MMR) are thisclose to releasing their revolutionary new Gen X billet Coyote block. Until then, they're running the old modular 'dinosaur engine in their twin Garrett turbocharged 07 Mustang Pro Mod'driven by Greg Seth-Hunter that they've had in since the start of the 2014 season. Their reliable racecar (Isn't that an oxymoron Not with this car!) is responding well to other new components that have been added, recently, including a new MSD boost controller and went 4.118 at 188.60 mph during the first qualifying session of VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod. Once the Gen X is in, though, the Mustang will receive a facelift courtesy of a new 16 Mustang body, a new front end, and some chassis updates. Ryan 1Ryan 2 Peoria, Arizona resident Ryan Bell, who drove his 76 Corvette to a third place finish in NMCA WEST Lucas Oil NA 10.5 points last year, is trying NMCA Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 for the first time this weekend. He ran to an 8.28 to qualify sixth in today's first round of qualifying, and is currently studying his combination, which includes a 417 cubic-inch small-block Chevy which he built, to determine which converter and carburetor are best for the weekend's warm and humid weather conditions, and Dale Cubic was in his pit area offering input when we stopped by. I'm not used to the humidity and water grains, so I don't have the right tune up, said Bell, who had to add 100 pounds to his car to be in line with Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 rules. "Hopefully I will by the next round of qualifying. Randy The Turbo 400 transmission in ARP Nitrous Pro Street driver Randy Dolensek's 69 Cyclone Spoiler ate up bands in today's first round of qualifying, but Dave Klaput of Proformance Racing Transmissions was quick to make on-site repairs, as he often is. Now, Dolensek and his crew are installing the repaired transmission under the car, which features a Mike Duke Racing-built big-block Ford and a boatload of nitrous, and they'll be ready for the next round of qualifying. NMCA-Barbaree After chucking a rod earlier at the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals race in April and wrecking just a few weeks later Barbaree's had a bit of a rough year. His Precision boosted and Kuntz-powered Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw Mustang is looking (and running) as good as new, though, thanks to a reconstructed front end and a rebuilt block featuring a whole new rotating assembly. Barbaree and car owner Russell Stone have had to thrash to get it done in such short time, but the results were worth the stress. Round 1 Qualifying is underway. Get the results <<<HERE>>>

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