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Donkmaster Sage Thomas Heading to NMCA All-American Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
You've seen the hit TV series on Motortrend App and heard about one of the fastest growing trends in performance Donk drag racing! The biggest name, Donkmaster Sage Thomas, and his famed Skittle Pack of Big Wheel Donk race cars will make their NMCA debut during the All-American Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, August 27-28, 2021. This will be an experience unlike any other at an NMCA race with fans meeting Donkmaster followed by grudge racing on Saturday night with his Skittle Pack of Big Wheel cars and any challengers that want to step up, said Rollie Miller, National Event Director and General Manager of the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals. We've had multi-time NMCA champions looking to throw down with Donkmaster and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring him to Ohio. The Donk scene at its core are overpowered street cars with very limited traction similar to the challenges street car drag racing has faced over the past 30 years. The NMCA All-American Nationals is one of the biggest stops on the schedule at one of the premier drag racing facilities in the world, Summit Motorsports Park (Norwalk, Ohio). The full event schedule is August 26-29 with Donkmaster's appearance going down on Friday and Saturday. The NMCA Muscle Car Nationals features 4,000 HP VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod, Radial and Slick heads-up categories, full line-up of championship Index competitions, and finally the two biggest classes TorqStorm Superchargers True Street and Dodge//Mopar HEMI Shootout. The traditional Watson Racing Cobra Jet Showdown and the popular Chevrolet Performance COPO Camaro Shootout are also part of the action-packed weekend of activity. Donkmaster invites his fans out for to enter the car show or to grudge race him. I am really honored to be invited to participate at this event. I am looking forward to meeting everyone associated with the NMCA and especially the teams that participate. I plan on delivering Gap Sauce to anybody who will sit beside me on Saturday! Born in Savannah, GA and raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Sage Thomas, aka Donkmaster is the son of a schoolteacher and chef. He spent most of his days as a youth shadowing his Uncle Buggy, who installed in him a love for racing, and an understanding of hard work. At just 16 years of age, Sage completed his first race project, a 1974 Nova, giving him a high that stays with him to this day, every time he completes a project, or wins a race. Having studied the sport of drag racing from a very young age through research, travel, testing new things, and making mistakes, he celebrated wins and nurtured his love for the sport. Through a DVD he was introduced to the Donk racing culture in Florida. Watching racers like Murff Dog, a racer known for fast Donks, ignited a respect and a challenge. He decided that out of South Carolina would come the fastest Donk on big wheels, and from there, he started to race at local drag strips, perfecting his vision. Since the completion of that first project over 20 years ago, he and the Skittle Pack have been city-to-city, state-to-state serving Gap Sauce and building a global appreciation for the sport of Donk racing. Fans can catch the first Season of Donkmaster now on Motortrend TV. For more about Big Wheel racing visit For more information and advance ticket sales to the NMCA All-American Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park, visit Donkmaster NMCA

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