Maxima Racing Oils Offers Performance Break-In Engine Oil

Maxima Racing Oils offers Performance Break-in Oil, a mineral based engine oil specifically formulated for breaking in engines with flat tappet camshafts, roller elements and where maximum anti-wear performance is needed. High ZDDP formulation combines the highest quality mineral base stocks with a shear-stable polymer system to provide fast and effective ring seal. Advanced, proprietary additive system utilizes a complex, low-temperature activating 2X Zinc system that ensures immediate and lasting protection. Dyno proven to increase break-in efficiency.

Features and benefits:

▪ Formulated for break-in of all high performance engines
▪ Ideal for use in race engines, OEM rebuilds and crate engines
▪ Ensures fast and effective ring seal
▪ Maximum protection for both flat tappet and roller camshafts
▪ 2X Zinc system provides optimum and immediate protection at all temperatures
▪ Dyno tested and approved

For all 4-stroke engines. Designed for high performance applications and not recommended for street use. For more information, call 619-449-5000 or visit

(Content courtesy of Maxima Racing Oil)