New Win Lite Wheel From Billet Specialties

Made in the USA, Billet Specialties’ new Win Lite wheel combines aggressive styling with street- and strip-focused performance. With an emphasis on decreasing rotational mass, the Win Lite uses a machined recessed bolt pad for additional weight savings. The unique feature, in conjunction with Billet Specialties’ optimized spoke design, saves nearly one pound when compared to similar wheels. With a forged 6061 T-6 center for strength and further weight reduction, the matching spun aluminum rim ensures strength and trueness. The 15-inch Win Lite size has been certified to meet SFI 15.1 specifications, while the 17-inch wheel is SAE J-2530 certified for safety. Black anodized with machined accents, Billet Specialties’ new Win Lite wheels are both durable and desirable.