Sunday Coverage—16th Annual NMCA Quick Fuel Technology Bluegrass Nationals

The weather forecast for today’s tire-burning, turbo-boosting, nitrous-injecting, drag-racing activities here at Beech Bend Raceway Park has greatly improved overnight, and we are underway with class eliminations. If you’re local, come on down and get ready for some great racing.

Adam Flamholc continued his winning ways on Saturday with a first-round defeat of Craig Sullivan and his fan favorite blown Daytona Pro Mod machine. Sullivan was .011 on the tree to Flamholc’s .126, but Flamholc’s split-window Stingray motored to the low ET of the round at 3.84 seconds at 195 mph and the win over Sullivan’s 4.11-second run.

The Dave Duell Classic was once again a huge hit, with 51 cars here to do battle in all their open-header, muscle car goodness. Saturday evening brought the annual racer party and over 100 nostalgia racing racers and fans attended.

Modular-powered Mustangs aren’t all that common in the NMCA—many of those racers stick with our sister series, the NMRA—however, Chris Matters entrusted his 2006 Saleen Mustang to Kevin Fiscus and the Fiscus/Klugger Racing team to see that it is raced at a number of events this year, including the NMCA’s VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw class. Rich Groh Racing put together the turbocharged, 5.4-liter, four-valve mill under the hood, and FKR has been fine-tuning the engine and chassis combination. Fiscus had his work cut out for him in the first round of eliminations. Kallee Mills cut a .066 light to Fiscus’ .116, and narrowly missed the holeshot win, with Fiscus taking the win with a 4.61 to Mills’ 4.67.

Something’s flexing and it’s not Bart Tobener. The Georgia boy’s “world’s quickest S550” Mustang has been having a few issues with the crank trigger due to things moving around just a big, so he’s working with Race Parts Solutions’ Wade Mcgowan to get it tightened up and secured to increase the gap and keep the engine happy before the next round of Edelbrock Xtreme Street eliminations goes down.

A recent update to Tommy Rainer’s ’02 Camaro’s 550 ci Brad Anderson Enterprises Hemi and Mark Micke two-speed combination means some things aren’t cooperating, and transmission issues prior to the start of eliminations got the TDR team hustling in a hurry. Rainer wound up foot braking the Wade Hopkins-tuned car for the first match up as the transbrake was damaged, but he got the win over Mark Woodruff nonetheless. After, the guys got it repaired and are busy testing before they get started in round two of Mickey Thompson Radial Wars in just a few minutes.

VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod driver Larry Higgenbotham recently swapped his blown 526 ci Hemi combination to run on a ComSync EFI system and he’s still working on dialing in the tune. Based out of his shop in Mineral Ridge, Ohio, “Higg” built both the motor and the chassis (with a frame and components provided by Tim McAmis) himself in a regular ol’ two-car garage. He hasn’t eclipsed his previous personal best of 3.85 with the old set up yet, but he’s getting close as he’s already clicked off a 3.994-second run this weekend and is still in the game heading into round two of eliminations.

The racing gods had a little fun at Henry Lee’s expense at his first race back after his accident last year when the passenger side window of his ’90 Mustang disappeared mid-run. The unexpected exit didn’t phase Lee, though, and he went on to take the win in round two of Edelbrock Xtreme Street.

Number-one qualifier Steve Summers got the win with a 3.872 at 210.67 mph pass from his twin Garrett turbocharged ’16 Camaro in round two of VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod against the blown ’57 Bel Air of Larry Higgenbotham, but it came at a cost. The Illinois-based team was hustling to get the rear end swapped before continuing on, and the change was not one that they had planned for.

There were reports of fire in Daniel Pharris’s brand new, twin turbo VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod Mustang at the top end after the semi-finals, but fortunately it just turned out to be a little bit of oil blow by instead and a quick tweak will have the car in ship shape in no time flat.

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