Saturday Coverage—15th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem

Friday’s running of the 15th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem at Bradenton Motorsports Park promised a lot of action, and delivered, with Billy Banaka blistering the track with a 3.79 in VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod, Manny Buginga motoring to a 4.33 in VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, Marty Stinnett sailing to a 4.01 in Mickey Thompson Radial Wars, Mike DeMayo, Jr. driving to a 7.84 in Boninfante Racing NA 10.5, Doug Duell getting some air in his 1969 Barracuda in FSC Stock/Super Stock Combo and much more.

Saturday’s running of the event begins with time-runs for bracket categories, followed by the second round of qualifying for index and heads-up categories. We hope you can join us, but if not, catch SpeedVideo’s live feed HERE

There were many quick times during last night’s round one of qualifying, and Jesse Wilson of Muncie, Indiana, was one of the beneficiaries of the cool weather and tight track. After upgrading the transmission and going through the chassis in the off season, he’s turned Kelly Wilson’s ’14 Camaro into a top contender, having clocked a 10.24 for the number-two qualifying spot in Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin Dickey Parts Center. 2016 class champion Glenn Pushis was just a bit ahead with a 10.22, and Kevin Lumsden was right behind them with a 10.25.

Local Outlaw 632 racer Ryan Thorp went on quite a ride yesterday in Q1 of Fast Forward Racing Engines Outlaw 632 when his Chevy Cavalier went into tire shake at the hit, crossed lanes, and narrowly missed rolling and hitting the left side wall. On this morning’s maintenance schedule was a borrowed set of front wheels as the previous ones were bent, and a rear bar adjustment as well.

Fiscus/Klugger Racing’s Josh Klugger is piloting both his Fox-body notchback Mustang in Radial Wars and the team’s newly revamped Pro Mod Mustang this weekend. During Q1 of Radial Wars, the blue coupe made some noise in the burnout and not the good kind. Initial assessment pointed at some bad pushrods, but further inspection showed an oil pump issue was likely the cause of the damage, which further included a new block sleeve, pistons, rods, and bearings. The team has it all back together and ready for the remaining two qualifiers today.

With only 15 passes on the beautiful Bickel-built and 2016 Camaro-bodied Pro Mod he debuted last year, VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod driver Steve Summers is making strides toward having a completely dialed-in combination. He posted a 3.90 at 213 mph and 3.84 at 214 mph in testing on Thursday, and is well-equipped to cruise closer to elapsed-times like the 3.79 Billy Banaka ran to lead yesterday’s first round of qualifying in the quickest and fastest category on site this weekend. The muscle comes from a Jeff Jasiek-built 522 cubic-inch CFE-headed Wedge engine topped with a billet aluminum CFE intake and fronted by Garrett turbos. A Liberty’s Extreme T three-speed transmission and Bruno magnesium case transfer the power to the pavement, and Patrick Barnhill and Jason Lee of PTP Racing, along with Summers, use a Haltech Elite standalone engine management system to tune. For a story that ran on when Summers was preparing to debut the car last August, click HERE

All eyes were on Manny Buginga when he blasted to a record-setting 4.334 in VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw at the 23rd Annual Nitto NMRA Spring Break Shootout at this track last weekend. During last night’s first round of qualifying for the 15th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem, Buginga turned in a 4.336 showing great consistency in the turbocharged combination. Buginga will attempt to unleash a comparable pass in order to claim the category’s current elapsed-time record, which is the 4.36 Joel Greathouse ran last year, and the odds of him doing that sooner rather than later are good in his MJM Construction Corp.-backed Mustang featuring a DiSomma Racing Engines-built 400 cubic-inch bullet fronted by a 98mm Turbonetics turbo. “The conditions were alright yesterday, and they’re about the same today, but we’re going to try to go faster,” said Buginga, who receives steadfast support from Nick and Rich Bruder, TJ Strange, Pat Speers, and a skilled crew.

Number-one qualifier in Mickey Thompson Radial Wars after round one was Kuttawa, Kentucky’s Marty Stinnet. His little black coupe is back up and running after an on-track incident last fall had it shiny side down. In a class of big-cube, big-block and Hemi-powered machines, Stinnet relies on a Jeff Burns 470ci small-block Chevy boosted by a pair of Garrett 94mm turbochargers. A ProFormance 2-speed turbo 400 gets the car to the 4.0-second elapsed times, and Southern Speed Racing and Santhuff are key partners to Stinnnet’s endeavor as well.

Ray Barton Racing Engines’ David Barton is here in Bradenton taking care of several customers who are competing in a number of classes this weekend. We caught up with him while he was working with Leonard Long and his NA 10.5 Mustang, and he’ll he helping out Jim Bailey who is running in the new Stock/Super Stock Combo class with his 2010 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.

2016 Holley EFI Factory Super Car champion Kevin Skinner had an incident during Thursday’s test and tune where he locked the brakes up at the top end after his run. The car spun around and came in contact with the wall. Damage was mostly cosmetic and he had the S550 Mustang Cobra Jet clone taped up and ready to go for qualifying, but the team found some water mixed in with the oil in the engine. The good thing for him is that his father Mike Skinner was here to race their 2014 Cobra Jet, so Kevin will be commandeering it to collect Factory Super Car points in his attempt to defend his championship.

Marllon Carter of Port Charlotte, Florida, has drag raced across the great U.S. and beyond. He used to race his ’67 GTO when he lived in Hawaii, and has moved it and a few other cars with him as he moved eastward throughout the years. Carter’s Goat is capable of running in the 9s and he’s entered into the Fastest Street Car bracket program this weekend.

Star of TV’s Garage Squad and Truck U shows, Bruno Massel is in Bradenton to defend his Holley EFI Factory Super Car title. Massel defeated Glenn Pushis is a COPO-on-COPO final round of the class’ debut last year in a different car. This weekend, he’s piloting a 2017 COPO certified rolling chassis (CRC) that’s packing a 2015-spec engine while he waits for his new 2017 engine to be delivered. Masses was in the middle of changing out transmission fluid in hopes of changing how quickly the converter was reacting.

Don Baskin is pulling double duty this weekend, as he’s behind the wheel of his 2010 Camaro in ARP Nitrous Pro Street and his 2005 GTO in Boninfante Racing NA 10.5. After two rounds of qualifying, he’s currently in the top spot in ARP Nitrous Pro Street with a 7.20, and in the seventh spot in Boninfante Racing NA 10.5 with an off-pace 8.20. A new BES-built 628ci engine coupled powers the GTO, while a BES-built 632ci engine powers the Camaro, and an RPM Transmission-built Turbo 400 can be found under both cars. “It’s the same GTO I ran in Nitrous Pro Street before, but I haven’t had any good runs in it yet this weekend,” said Baskin, of the of the four-link car built by B&B Race Cars. “We’ll get it ironed out and I plan to run it at all of the NA 10.5 races this season. Meanwhile, qualifying is going good in the Camaro.” Among those helping Baskin this weekend is crew chief Randy Auwarter.


Jason Hamstra has officially debuted his new Alan Pittman-built and 1969 Camaro-bodied Pro Mod in VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod, and it’s already a threat. In the car powered by a 521ci engine on a Chuck Newton block and topped with Noonan heads and a Mike Janis-built roots-style supercharger, Hamstra laid down a 3.79 and is currently qualified in the second spot going into today’s third round of qualifying. “We were able to figure some things out pretty quickly and it’s going pretty good,” said the ever-calm Hamstra. “Now we want to see if we can get some more good, consistent passes.”

When we walked up to Edelbrock Xtreme Street driver Scotty Guiler’s pit area today, reigning class champion Eric Kenward was in the middle of congratulating him on the  7.64 he clocked in qualifying, which earned him a place at the top of the pack going into today’s final round of qualifying. Guiler shared that he’s running the same nitrous-enhanced BES-built 584ci engine and CFM carburetor he ran last year, but moved up from an .038 nitrous pill to an .042 nitrous pill with the recent rules revisions. The combination is tuned by Jake Holdrege. “We couldn’t be happier,” said Guiler.

While Doug Duell purchased his pristine 1969 Barracuda as his first muscle car more than 20 years ago and has loaned it to fellow drivers Andy Warren, Mike DeChicco, Dallas Schultz and Kurt Neighbor for NMCA competition, this marks the first weekend he’s driving it in NMCA competition. Duell entered the series’ new FSC Stock/Super Stock Combo, qualified second with a 10.41 and will go into tomorrow’s first round of eliminations with an 11.40 index in the car featuring a 440ci engine by Jeff Taylor Performance. Also in his pit area this weekend is his familiar and fan-favorite 1964 Fury wagon, which he drove to a 9.252 on his 9.25 A/FX index in ATI Performance Nostalgia Stock to qualify fifth.  “I want to win and earn championships in each class,” said a smiling Duell, who also will suit up for this weekend’s Nostalgia Muscle Car vs. Nostalgia Super Stock Shootout sponsored by Afco Racing and Rollins Automotive.

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