Chevy Performance Wants To Hear From You

Chevy Performance Wants To Hear From You

If you’ve ever wished that the automakers would ask you personally what your opinion is on something, now is your chance for your voice to be heard. Chevy Performance’s Drag Race Development Program has been putting together a line of severe duty components that are designed to beef up your own 2016-newer Camaro for dragstrip duty.

The team put together a test mule that was modified the way many enthusiasts would modify their own cars. A new ring and pinion out back was swapped in for better off-the-line acceleration as was a 4,200rpm stall converter. Air induction and exhaust systems were added, as were smaller-diameter brake rotors that fit inside the test car’s 16-inch rear racing wheels and slicks. Not leaving much untouched, the engineers installed a head and cam package along with a performance engine and transmission calibration that pushed the Camaro SS’ LT1 engine to more than 530 hp.

“More than simply achieving quick ETs in the Camaro, we are exploring the supporting components that help the car to go quicker with great durability,” said Mark Dickens, director, Performance Variants, Parts and Motorsports Engineering. “We’ve tested stronger axles and chassis components aimed at improving launch and traction attributes.”

The engineers didn’t stop there, as they got some time out of the office and made over 100 passes down the quarter-mile to evaluate the components. Their best 60-ft time came in just 1.425 second, while the quarter-mile flew by in 10.685 seconds at 125.73 mph.

They think you might like to buy these parts for your own 2016-newer Camaro SS, and they want to get your opinion on the topic. If you want to enjoy what the Camaro’s LT1 V-8 really has to offer, and want to keep it all-GM, check out the survey and let them know how you feel about it.

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