Hot Cars & Cold Ice Cream at NMCA World Street Finals at Summit Motorsports Park

They’ve been banging gears and banging heads for months, but drivers of the 2016 NMCA Muscle Car Nationals presented by E3 Spark Plugs ended their six-race season with the exciting 15th Annual NMCA World Street Finals, Aug. 26-28, 2016 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

“We had nearly twice as many cars and spectators for this year’s event than we had for last year’s event, despite the weather forecast, and it has definitely been one of our shining moments for 2016 at Summit Motorsports Park,” said Bill Bader, Jr., Summit Motorsports Park president. “The event was huge, which is a testament to the cars featured.”

Awaiting winners of the race at the premier facility, where fans cooled off in the summer heat by eating a pound of Velvet ice cream for $1, was the always-inviting Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle.

In VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod, Randy Adler attacked the track in his ’57 Bel-Air to take the top-qualified spot with a 3.81. But in the final, Tim Savell took the win in his ’13 Camaro with a 3.81 to Adler’s quicker 3.80, courtesy of a quicker reaction time.

In Dart Pro Stock, Kevin Lawrence piloted Nino Cavallo’s ’13 Avenger to a whopping 6.98 at the traps, which sent him straight to the top of qualifying. He remained on point through the final, taking the win over Rob Pearce and his ’53 Studebaker in a 7.09 to 7.45 match-up.

In Mickey Thompson Radial Wars, Keith Berry powered his ’02 Corvette to a 4.09 to see his name at the top of the list of qualified entrants, but DeWayne Mills and his ’68 Camaro cruised to the win with a 3.89 over Berry’s 3.96.

In Wiseco Street Outlaw, Jacky McCarty out of the McCarty Performance stables stood on the throttle in his ’91 Mustang to earn a 4.41, as well as the top-qualified spot. Later, he found his way to the winner’s circle, where he laid down a 4.45 to push out Phil Hines, whose Mustang went through the traps at 4.51.

3 copyDetroit-based iron including Chevrolet COPO Camaros, Dodge Challenger Drag Paks and Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs were the hot topics in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars, and in qualifying, Kevin Skinner sailed his ’16 Cobra Jet to an incredible 8.39 for the top-qualified spot and stayed strong through the end to claim victory over Anthony Bongiavanni and his ’16 Cobra Jet, 8.34 to 9.62.

In ARP Nitrous Pro Street, Jeff Rudolf jetted to a 7.48 in his ’69 Nova to lead qualifying, but Joe Bucaro pushed his ’04 Mustang to the winner’s circle after dispatching Andy Vogt and his ’90 Trans Am, 7.41 to 7.39.

1 copy 2Louie Filippides, who came to the Edelbrock Xtreme Street category this year, took the top-qualified spot after piloting his ’10 Camaro to a 7.52, and he flew to the win with a 7.56 over Eric Kenward, who was 7.55 in his ’79 Malibu wagon.

Mike DeMayo, Jr. made music in his high-revving ’95 Mustang and lead qualifying with a 7.90 in Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5, and he remained focused through the final where he ran to a 7.90 to win over Dwight Ausmus, who turned on the red light in his ’72 Firebird before laying down a 7.98.

In Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Chevrolet Performance Stock, Kevin Lumsden landed in the lead qualified spot after driving his ’99 Camaro to a 10.30, and he remained a force through the final, where he ousted Glenn Pushis and his CRC Camaro, 10.30 to 10.36.2 copy

In E3 Spark Plug Top Sportsman, Tyler Levan flat-footed his ’67 Mustang to a 6.49, almost two tenths quicker than the rest of the field, for top qualifying honors, but the final round featured Gary Wojnowski, Sr. and his ’96 Cutlass and  Ken Langlois and his ’63 Corvette, and it was Wojnowski who collected the win, 7.05 to 7.19.

Al Wilson wheeled his ’60 Belvedere to a 12.00 on a 12.00 index to see his name at the top of the qualifying sheet in ATI Nostalgia Super Stock, but when it was all said and done, Doug Duell pushed his ’74 Fury to a 9.53 on a 9.50 to win over Gary Beemer and his ’63 Tempest, who was 11.57 on an 11.50.

In Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle Car, Matt Keiser and his ’68 Mustang motored to the lead in qualifying with a 10.50 on a 10.50, but the old school cool category saw Ken Weilbrenner win in his ’70 Chevelle when Noah Winters couldn’t complete the run in his ’71 Nova.

In MagnaFuel Open Comp, Dennis Ashmun was on the tree to the tune of .002 in his ’71 Nova to lead qualifying, but holding on until the end was Ken Hebert, who ran right on his 8.75 dial-in in his ’11 Mini Cooper to claim victory over Dennis Ashmun, whose ’71 Nova trapped a 10.05 on a 9.99 dial-in.

The ultra-cool Cobra Jet Showdown presented by Diversified Products Marketing pitted Rodney Heitzel against Anthony Bongiovanni, and Heitzel grabbed the win with a quicker reaction time, 8.84 to 8.43.

In Factory Appearing Stock Tire, the spotlight was on Dave Dudek in qualifying, as he drove his ’69 Road Runner to a 10.03, and it remained on him through the final, as he won over Don Giannone and his ’66 Chevelle after a 10.29 to 10.65 tango.

5 copyIn Gear Vendors True Street, Chris Bishir blasted to an 8.45 average in his S-10 to become the overall winner, while Richard Trunkett was the runner-up with an 8.52 average in his Duster.  Lonnie Tibbs traversed the track to the 9-second win, while Ted Timmerman cruised his Camaro to the 10-second win. Jason Struckman sailed to the 11-second win in his Mustang and Nicholas Massengale nailed the 12-second win in his Camaro. Steve Hansen sailed to the 13-second win while Anthony Jager motored his Mustang to the 14-second win and Ian May earned the 15-second win in his Charger.

In Bracket 1, Chris Wallin wheeled his dragster to a 7.68 on a 7.68 to push out Chris Schneider, who was also on his dial-in with a 7.56, but wasn’t quite as quick at the hit, and in Bracket 2, A.J. Buchanan was off the line with an .012 in his Fox body Mustang, lifted to a 10.61 and won when Mike Galati turned on the red in his ’67 Camaro.

Putting the exclamation mark on the end of the 2016 NMCA season is the announcement that the schedule for the 2017  NMCA season has been released, and gets into gear with the 15th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem, March 9-12, 2017 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida.