Baer’s New High-Performance Six-Piston Forged Caliper

The braking experts at Baer have introduced a new high-performance 6P Pro+ six-piston forged brake caliper. Optimized piston position and size provides maximum braking performance, and gives users the ability to match both their front and rear calipers’ performance. The two-piece forged design features six high-strength alloy cross bolts to enhance rigidity and offer improved braking performance. Staggered piston size helps to alleviate uneven brake pad wear, and Baer optimizes the piston size for each application. Baer’s 6P Pro+ calipers can be custom-ordered with different piston sizes in various caliper bodies, and racers can choose from several standard finishes or powdercoated and anodized options.

Baer’s new 6P Pro+ high performance calipers are available as complete brake systems for many classic and modern muscle applications.