Maximum Safety Installing Maximum Motorsports Bolt-In 6-Point Roll Bar
With as easy as it is to make loads of horsepower these days, eclipsing the OEM safety equipment on the drag strip is fairly easy to do, but companies like Maximum Motorsports offer safety upgrades to keep you safe and to keep you legal with the drag racing sanctioning bodies and tracks. While Maximum Motorsports is largely known for its incredible suspension components for all things late-mode...
S197 Roll Cage for 2010-2014 Mustangs By Fathouse Fabrications
Ensure your car meets the NHRA safety standards with Fathouse Fabrications 8.50-spec, weld-in cage kit. The kit includes the dash bar, steering column mounts, cage floor plates, and dash plates. Countless hours were spent developing Fathouse Fabrications' S197 roll cage kits to insure proper fitment and give you a professional fitting cage. Installing a cage in your car is a job that requires...
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