NMCA Tech Committee makes 2021 mid-season rule adjustments
May 28, 2021 - NMCA Tech Committee makes 2021 mid-season rule adjustments The NMCA Technical Committee has updated the 2021 class rules in the following classes to reflect mid-season changes. Factory Super Cars Xtreme Street Nostalgia Super Stock Nostalgia Muscle Street King Rumble These rule changes are effective (June 15th, 2021). Thanks to everyone for their input on t...
NMCA Tech Committee makes parity adjustment to Xtreme Pro Mod
The NMCA Technical Committee made rules adjustments today in Xtreme Pro Mod. Adjustments include a base weight change for big-block centrifugal combinations. This adjustment takes effect immediately, unless otherwise noted in this document. The 2020 NMCA Class Rules and all Rule Revisions/Clarifications can be found here:
NMCA Rules Adjustments For Edelbrock Xtreme Street
It the last few days, many NMRA Renegade and NMCA Xtreme Street racers have approached the NMRA/NMCA Tech department regarding the crossover from Ultra Street into those two categories. For the last few years, the two racing series have been moving toward the goal of being aligned with Ultra Street to make it easier for racers to cross back and forth. Changes were made to the Ultra Street rules fo...
NMCA Tech Committee Updates 2020 Preliminary Rules
The NMCA Technical Committee has reviewed all rule requests to date and updated the preliminary rules in the following classes: Xtreme Street CPCS Series General Regs and Points CPCS Street King CPCS Rumble Updated 2020 Preliminary Rules can be found here: There are several pending adjustments being considered ...
NMCA Technical Department Makes Rule Adjustment To The NMCA Holley EFI Factory Super Cars Class
Based on NMCA Factory Super Cars performance data from the first two NMCA events of the 2019 season, the NMCA Technical Department made the following adjustments effective immediately: 1. Increase the supercharger top pulley size on the 2019 COPO 350 combination from 3.350 inches to 3.500 inches. This will decrease the 2019 COPO 350 combination supercharger overdrive from 147.5 percent to 136.6...
NMCA Technical Department Makes rule adjustments to the NMCA FST N/A 10.5 class
The NMCA Technical Department released today additional 2019 Rule Adjustments in the Fuel Systems Technology N/A 10.5 class. Unless otherwise noted in this document, these adjustments will be in effect immediately. The 2019 NMCA Rulebook Amendments and Clarifications can be found under the 2019 Rules Revisions & Clarifications link HERE.


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