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Wide Range of Control from AEM

AEM recently debuted its new X-Series Wideband Controller Gauge (PN 30-0300), which is a 2 1/16-inch diameter instrument with a modern display and a slim depth for easy mounting. The X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Gauge has a user-configurable display via buttons on gauge face that allow you to change AFR values for different fuels, Lambda or O2 percent, change the center display to three or four digits, perform a free-air calibration if desired as the sensor ages, and change the CAN message ID when linking multiple X-Series Inline Controllers or X-Series Controller Gauges. The gauge includes a 0-5v and RS232 serial port output for feedback control and data logging, and an AEMnet (CANbus) output for data logging. AEMnet allows additional X-Series Wideband Controllers to be daisy chained together (up to 16 cylinders) for recording AFR in multiple cylinders. It supports vehicle/system voltages up to 16V, and can be used on EFI or carbureted applications, and dynamometers in applications using gasoline, methanol, ethanol, Diesel, propane and CNG.

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