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Where It All Started—Turn 2 Racing Communications

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written by Ainsley Jacobs
Photography courtesy of the manufacturer

True pioneers turn the unexpected into opportunity. When his business took a sudden turn, Brian Lynch pivoted by restarting his path forward with Turn 2 Racing Communications and began offering “the most bang for your dollar” radio communications systems on the market. 
Lynch received his electronics education while serving in the United States Navy. He spent nearly eight years working on missile launchers before exiting the service in 1991. It was at that time that he acquired a 1976 Chevy Nova and started bracket racing. “I didn’t even have $3,500 in it, but it would run 11.2 all day long no matter what the weather was,” he recalled of the car that was cobbled together with hand-me-downs and leftovers.

A love of racing and technology know-how inspired Lynch to found Performance 2 Way Racing Communications in 2006. Although he worked a full-time job in addition to the part-time entrepreneurial endeavor, Lynch took it seriously and the business grew. It wasn’t until a partnership acquisition didn’t go quite as planned that he pursued a different direction instead.
In 2017, Lynch created Turn 2 Racing Communications. “We didn’t even skip a beat. I’m thankful that we had established a loyal customer base and most followed me to the new endeavor,” noted the enterprising owner. 
Operating out of his 24x24-foot home-based shop in Seaford, Delaware, Lynch’s T2RC was also a part-time business at first but, ironically, the pandemic helped shape its future in ways he never planned for. “In January of 2020, right before the pandemic, I lost my full-time production manager job,” shared Lynch. Instead of panicking, he and his wife, Crystal, along with their daughters Lizzie and Makayla (and the newest T2RC family member coming in January 2022: their first grandchild, Braxton) simply concentrated their efforts and energy on T2RC. “From then until now [September 2021], we’ve grown over 600 percent and have taken on new product lines.”
Although the company first focused racing communications and electronics, T2RC has since expanded to manufacture and sell its own line of trailer curtains, trailer skirts, and pit mats that are made in-house by Lynch and his family. Additionally, the company is a dealer for many of racing’s top safety brands.
Turn 2 Racing Communications is also the official radio provider of the NMRA and the NMCA for roughly a decade, and Lynch works closely with both series to refine his product line to better accommodate his racers’ and customers’ needs. “We are hoping to be back out in 2022 offering trackside support,” he added. 

Lynch takes pride in servicing and repairing the products he sells, as his electronics background enables him to troubleshoot and repair radios, headsets, cables, and more. “We also have our own radio supplier and deal directly with the manufacturer; we are not a ‘middleman’ business. I can control the quality, and our radios are modified from how they come off the production line to our exact specs,” he proudly noted.
It's Lynch’s knowledge and commitment to excellent support that have helped quickly establish Turn 2 Racing Communications as a respected name in the industry. From his involvement in drag racing to stock car racing, local dirt-track events, and even commercial operations for factories and power companies, T2RC is ready to shape the future of communications in many different venues.

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