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Where It All Started Race Part Solutions

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
If you've got race car problems, you can call Race Part Solutions. The concept of being able to provide multiple options to customers so that they can get to the finish line without having to wait on backordered items is what first inspired co-owners John Kerr and Darin Matera to start Race Part Solutions. The men met back in 87 while they were working at Horsepower Sales of Delray Beach, Florida. Both owned Mustangs and often went to the track to race together. Years later, they decided to join forces and develop their own enterprise. It started in my garage in Boynton Beach toward the end of 2004, noted Kerr, who was tired of trying to find parts for turboocharged and supercharged combinations. I remember looked at Brian Wolfe's beautiful Mustang that had just been back-halved and he had a Home Depot ventilation tube running cold air up to the fuel injection and I thought there was a better way. Kerr, who had been a top salesman for Ford Performance products at a dealership, decided to quit his day job and go all-in. Matera went on a mission to track down American-made suppliers, Kerr handled the financial aspects of the new entity, and soon, their idea took shape. Starting with Fragola fittings, they soon expanded into carrying clamps and other products. We had tractor trailers backing down the cul-de-sac in my nice gated community all the time it was hilarious, but we couldn't do that for long, continued Kerr, who moved Race Part Solutions to its own building not long after. Several more transitions in South Florida were made over the years due to both growth and hurricane damage, and, in 2015, Race Part Solutions settled into its current 13,000 square-foot shop in Maysville, Georgia, where around six employees keep things running smoothly. It was around 2007, though, that Kerr and Matera decided they wanted to start producing their own parts rather than simply resell other manufacturers products. We started making our own stuff and now we're at the point where we make as much in-house as we possibly can, he explained of the shift. We purchased a fully functioning machine shop and moved it into our complex, which included a Haas Mill, Lathe, and Omax Waterjet. The equipment enabled Race Part Solutions to expand its product line to include header flanges, turbo flanges, and private label jobs for companies such as ProCharger, Wilson Manifolds, Holley, and more. Customer service is the number one priority for the team at Race Part Solutions, as they understand the importance of being able to provide solutions to their customers and strive to exceed expectations with fast, friendly service and great pricing on quality parts. The company is a one-stop shop for plumbing needs, cooling system components, fuel systems, forced induction piping and clamps, and more. Some of the quickest cars and trucks in the world rely on Race Part Solutions products, including tons of NMRA and NMCA entries. NMRA Edelbrock Renegade/NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street standout Bart Tobener played a key role in helping get Race Part Solutions established in its new Georgia home, and worked hard to promote the company over the years. Additionally, both Kerr and Matera have been racing in NMRA since the 90s and have come full circle now, supplying critical parts and components to their peers. It's the one place we can go and everyone in the heads-up classes knows our name, shared Kerr. Going to NMRA and NMCA races is like coming home to family.

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