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Wet Sump or Dry Sump The Basics You Need to Know

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
When it comes to oiling systems, drag racers are lucky that they only have to worry about going one direction. A wet-sump oil pan is designed to accommodate G forces on (forward) acceleration. However, the sump itself presents difficulties when positioning the motor in the chassis. A wet sump oil pan will require significant ground clearance that a dedicated drag car might not be able to afford. In addition, wet-sump engines have very little oil control, as oil droplets are spun around and impact violently inside the engine causing drag on the crankshaft. Sometimes oil will even collect in areas you don't want (like the heads), and starve critical components (like main or rod bearings). Before we delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages, let's get warmed up with the basics of engine lubrication.
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