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VP Racing Fuels, Inc., a leader in performance fuels, lubricants, additives, and gas station retail, is working to help prevent cancer through its annual Pink Jug campaign. With an increase of over 30% in donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation in 2019, it was announced today that the push and the promotion would continue. At VP, we know a thing or two about research and development, said Alan Cerwick, VP President & CEO. We strive every day to fuel people's passions, but the very dedicated group at the Prevent Cancer Foundation have a much more serious mission, and we hope that this ongoing campaign can help fund research grants and make a difference and a brighter future for all of us. Through the sale of VP's popular Pink Jugs, plastic containers that are used for storing and handling liquids, and pourable solids, VP makes annual contributions to PCF. In addition, in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, VP doubles the contribution from each pink jug sold. VP's distributors and dealers also get involved in their local markets to raise even more awareness of cancer research.
The Prevent Cancer Foundation invests in cutting-edge research, education, community outreach and advocacy nationwide and their efforts include cancer research grants and fellowships, providing breast and cervical cancer education and screenings, and hosting events to educate the public and primary health care providers about the link between certain viruses and preventable cancers. Additional information about PCF can be found at

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