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Virtual Vegas We perused the digital aisles of SEMA 360 in search of the high-performance hardware

Posted By: Steve Turner
By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Specialty Equipment Market Association Each year the entire automotive aftermarket makes a pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show. Known as the SEMA Show, this even fills the Las Vegas Convention Center and its surrounding parking lots with vehicles and product displays touting new and existing hardware that customizes the vehicles we love. Of course, aside from the glitz of all the custom vehicles, it is the newest products that really get our hearts revving. This year a global pandemic put a damper on our trip to Sin City, and the show transformed into an online version dubbed SEMA 360. Fortunately the change didn't prevent a wide array of companies from showing off new gear. Since the SEMA 360 event was only open to media and members of the industry, we scoured the performance and racing entries to highlight some of the hardware you can look forward to in the coming year. We didn't make it to Las Vegas this year, so the trade-show experience came to us online in the form of SEMA 360. Fortunately, there were still plenty of new products to be found online. AFCO Performance Group Well known in the racing world for its dampers and cooling products, AFCO revealed its new Dominator Four-Way Adjustable Drag Shocks. Featuring a similar traction-improving design to other AFCO dampers, these units offer full control of low- and high-speed compression and rebound. This allows racers to dial in their suspensions for the track conditions at hand. They are also said to offer greater consistency thanks to a recirculating, single-circuit valve. AFCO Performance Group (800) 632-2320 ATI Performance Products, Inc. Supercharged machines running in classes like NMCA Holley EFI Factory Super Cars need an SFI approved damper. Some also need to drive the supercharger a little faster for improved output. ATI's NHRA-legal Factory Shootout Super Damper addresses both needs. This 10-rib damper features an aluminum shell with a diameter of 6.938 inches. It is laser-etched with timing marks, features two keyways, and exceeds SFI 18.1 specifications. ATI Performance Products, Inc. (877) 298-5039 Auto Meter Fox Mustangs are undeniably hot right now. If you are adding a modern drivetrain to one, you might want a modern dash too. To that end, Auto Meter created its 87- 93 Mustang InVision Dash. Built as a direct replacement for the factory dash cluster, it will also display the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and voltage just like the factory dash. Its 12.3-inch display is user programmable and can be toggled between three display modes using a remote joystick control. Auto Meter (815) 895-8141 Baer Inc. It is easy enough to drop a potent drivetrain into a classic car, but odds are the factory brakes aren't up to the task of slowing down that much speed. For Blue Oval pony car fans, the braking experts at bear created this Classic 13-inch Early Mustang Front Brake System. Include in the system are aluminum, two-piston front calipers; 13-inch, bolt-on rotors with a zinc finish; braided brake hoses, and an integral hub slot. The calipers are powdercoated red. Baer Inc. (602) 233-1411 Chevrolet Performance If you are looking to build a direct-injection Chevrolet engine that is ready to support huge power, Chevrolet Performance has the foundation you need. The Bowtie performance division's new 6.6-liter L8T cast-iron block is more robust than the factory aluminum block found it Silverado HD trucks. With 4.065-inch cylinder bores and a 9.244-inch deck height, it delivers 400 cubic inches with a 3.86-inch-stroke crankshaft. Chevrolet Performance COMP Cams If you want more performance from a Gen III HEMI engine, a hot camshaft is a way to get that job done. COMP Cams developed complete packages for boosted versions of these engines that simplify the process. The kits include the matching valvetrain and the included cams feature Low Shock Technology that reduce valvetrain shock and enhance durability. COMP Cams (800) 999-0853 CP-Carrillo Rugged rods are crucial to the survival of a high-performance engine, especially an engine deployed in drag racing. For those applications, CP-Carrillo developed new Alloy rods that are stronger and lighter than the company's traditional rods and they are held together by robust Multiphase CARR fasteners. CP-Carrillo / Arias (949) 567-9000 CVF Racing If a planting a Roots blower atop your LS engine is a goal, you will likely need a drive system to make it work with your accessories. CVF Racing's LS Wraptor Serpentine Systems are designed to make that happen with ease. The systems are available in high- and mid-mount versions and will clear the popular intakes and supercharger drives while driving a combination of accessories, including an air conditioning compressor, an alternator, and a power steering pump. The systems can be ordered with Black Anodized, Black Diamond, or C3 Ceramic finishes. CVF Racing (651) 356-8593 DeatschWerks Fuel Systems Modern high-output engines need a strong, steady supply of fuel. One way to ensure that is by wiring in a DeatschWerks Boost-A-Pump. Utilizing digital amplification technology it can be easily adjusted with a click-thumbwheel and can also be password protected to ensure no one tampers with its settings. It is rated for continuous use at 40 amps and 22 volts and is fully compatible with the company's brushless fuel pump controllers. DeatschWerks Fuel Systems (405) 217-0701 Detroit Speed, Inc. Fox Mustangs are popular quarter-mile machines because, in part, they have such rabid support amongst aftermarket manufacturers. A company joining that fray with a complete rears suspension system is Detroit Speed. Its new system promises improved suspension geometry, ride quality, and driving characteristics thanks to a coilover conversion, swivel link, sway bar and adjustable track bars. Detroit Speed, Inc. (704) 662-3272 Dynatech Chrome Dragster Headers For big-block Chevy engines that need to breathe on the quarter mile, Dynatech offers its Chrome Dragster Headers. Available in a selection of tube diameters, these headers follow the factory bolt pattern and ship complete with collectors included. Dynatech (800) 848-5850 Eaton Performance Products While the Super 8.8 rearend in the back of the 2015-and-newer Mustangs is quite rugged, its internals do have their limitations. For Mustang so equipped in need of more traction, Eaton's S550 Mustang Detroit Truetrac will do the trick. Featuring a limited-slip design, this smooth-operating unit utilizes a high-bias preload system that is said to improve on-road performance and limit wheel spin to put down all that Coyote power. Eaton Performance Products (800) 328-3850 FAST For Dodge Gen III HEMI or GM LS engines needing a huge power gain, FAST assembled a complete package of upgrades including an Edelbrock supercharger and a COMP Cams valvetrain kit. Included in the package is a supercharger with two pulley options, drive accessories, fuel lines, and fuel rails, plus the cam, pushrods, valve springs, retainers, locks, seals, and seats. FAST (901) 260-3278 Forgeline Motorsports Beadlocks are baller these days and Forgeline is there for your drag car with its new Beadlock Drag Wheels. These 15-inch forged monoblock wheels feature a single beadlock and will allow installing the popular sticky tire sizes. Forgeline Motorsports (800) 886-0093 Harrop Engineering USA Trucks can never have enough grunt to haul all your gear to the racetrack. To add a lot more thrust Harrop developed its Ram 5.7 Hemi Supercharger Kit. The system is based on the proven EATON TVS 2650 rotorpack, which delivers quick, efficient boost from off-idle until the tach swings into the red. Harrop Engineering USA (937) 723-7888 Magnuson Superchargers While the Gen IV LS engines are potent in factory form, a little boost can go a lot way toward making them so much more powerful. Magnuson has plenty of experience boosting modern engines like the LS and its latest power adder is the Magnum PI supercharger kit for V8-powered 2010-2015 Camaros. Available with EATON's 2650 or 3100 TVS rotors, this supercharger system includes all the necessary installation hardware and a companion calibration to optimize its performance. Magnuson Superchargers (805) 642-8833 McLeod Racing For those wanting to swap in a TREMEC TKO five-speed manual transmission, McLeod Racing developed complete kits to simplify that process. The company's TREMEC install kits include the transmission, an adjustable steel crossmember, a speedometer adapter, an IsoTech transmission mount, a pilot bearing, a slip yoke, a reverse-light harness, and even a shifter. These are definitely complete kits, which are available for both Ford and GM applications. McLeod Racing (714) 630-2764 Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels Reduced weight and rolling resistance are keys to trimming those elapsed times. For racers running skinny front wheels in 15-, 17-, and 18-inch diameters, Mickey Thompson developed its new ET Street radial front tires that complement the company's ET Street S/S and ET Street R rear tires. Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels (330) 928-9092 Performance Distributors Hot engines need hot spark, and juicing up ignitions is Performance Distributors specialty. For fans of 2014-2019 GM 5.3- and 6.2-liter engines, the company offers its LS SOS Coils. Delivering 7,000 more volts than the stock coils, the SOS units allow extending plug gaps to .065-inch and improving performance and fuel economy. The coils feature thermal epoxy leads for improved heat transfer and vibration resistance, while their brass terminals are improve conduction and resist corrosion. Performance Distributors (901) 396-5782 Proform If you are a firm believer in the Mopar-or-no-car lifestyle, you can truly rock the Mopar logo and improve your engine's performance with PROFORM's OMEGA-MOPAR Emblem Aluminum Shaft-Mount Roller Rockers. Fitted with bronze bushings and a shaft-fed self-oiling system, these rocker arms reduce valvetrain friction, and as a bonus, have the Mopar emblem etched into each unit. PROFORM 586-774-2500 QA1 QA1's line of MOD Shocks offers easy on-car adjustability that allows enthusiasts to dial in their suspensions to work with the conditions. For those wheeling high-performance machines straight-line or cornering competition, the company developed its new 3-Inch MOD Series Shocks, which earned runner-up honors in the Engineered New Product category during SEMA 360. Like all MOD Shocks, they too can be revolved in just a few minutes right on the car, which saves racers time and money. QA1 (952) 985-5675 RHS GM LS3 engines are ravenous for airflow and its easy to improve that flow by adding a set of RHS Pro Elite CNC-Port Six-Bolt Cylinder Heads. Designed for big-power and boosted applications, they feature CNC-machined intake runners, exhaust runners, and combustion chambers. In addition to the improved airflow, they are fitted with .660- and .700-inch-lift valvespring springs ideal for higher cam lift and increased engine rpm. Their .700-inch-thick decks are robust enough for big boost. RHS (901) 259-1134 Ross Racing Pistons If you are building up a GM 4.8- and 5.3-liter engine with direct injection, Ross has compatible pistons to beef it up. Forged from high-strength, 2618-T61 aluminum this slugs feature proprietary skirt profiles; double-broached and forced pin oiling; double diamond-plunged ring grooves; and a performance 1.2/1.2/3.0mm ring set. The top ring lands feature anti-detonation/anti-contact grooves on the top ring land and accumulator grooves in the second ring land. Ross Racing Pistons (310) 536-0100 VMP Performance Powered by a supercharged, 5.2-liter engine known as the Predator, the 2020-2021 Shelby GT500 produces 760 horsepower in stock form. The factory supercharger utilizes the EATON 2650 rotor pack, but for those wanting even more, VMP Performance partnered with Magnuson in the development of the 2020+ Mustang GT500 3100 Predator Supercharger System. Engineered to look factory, right down to fitting under the stock strut tower brace, this supercharger upgrade is 15 percent larger so it should deliver some big performance gains when it arrives in early 2021. VMP Performance (321) 206-9369 Vortech Superchargers Owners of HEMI-powered 2015-2019 Dodge Challengers and Chargers can bolt on big power with Vortech Superchargers 2015-2019 Dodge HEMI Supercharger System. Based on the company's V-3 SiTrim self-lubricated supercharger, this kit features an air-to-water charge cooler and pushes engine output to 730 horsepower and 645 lb-ft of torque on seven pounds of boost while burning 91-octane pump gas. Vortech Superchargers (805) 247-0226

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