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UPR Offers 2005-2020 Ford Mustang GT High Performance Hydraulic Clutch Line Upgrade

Posted By: Mike Galimi
UPR is offering a 2005-2020 Ford Mustang GT high performance hydraulic clutch line upgrade. The factory hydraulic clutch line is plastic and can be prone to breaking over time as well as flexing, which gives a spongy feeling. The Teflon-lined steel-braided line improves clutch pedal feel and adds peace of mind as it's stronger than the factory part. This is a direct replacement of the stock line, and no modifications are needed. Features: AN-4 male plug-in fittings Teflon-lined braided stainless steel Replaces weak factory plastic line Heat and abrasion resistant Direct fit upgrade replacement Improved clutch pedal feel The part number is 3012-01, and the MSRP is $74.99, while the sale price is $49.99. For more information, call 561-588-6630 or visit (Content courtesy of UPR Products)

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