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Tuesday Coverage | 2022 SEMA Show

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Each year the automotive aftermarket comes together in the desert oasis of Las Vegas to show off its wares. Designed to connect sellers and builders with manufacturers, this trade show also offers an early look at the gear that will bolster cars in the NMRA and NMCA series. 
While there is a lot of flash at the show, there is plenty of performance gear in manufacturer displays and used on custom vehicles throughout the show. So as we walk the miles of aisles in Sin City, we will hit some of the highlights from the show right here, so stay tuned throughout the week.

If you love classic Camaros, the Ringbrothers STRODE just might make you swoon. Custom built from the ground up with a bespoke carbon fiber body, this 1969 Camaro is five inches wider with lower rocker panels and a center-recessed roof. Sprayed in Glasurit Ghost White paint it is restomodded all the way with a four-digit, Whipple-boosted Wegner Motorsports LS3 underhood. “We wanted to push the limits of what we can do and showcase our capabilities with STRODE,” said Ringbrothers co-owner Mike Ring. “It is a radical rethink of the original Chevy Camaro, expanding its dimensions and levels of performance. With its one-off carbon-fiber body and thousands of hours of custom work, there has never been another Camaro like it. Of course, we must thank our partners Motul, HRE Wheels, BASF, Miller Welding, Flowmaster, and others for helping to make STRODE something even Michael Myers can’t catch.”

TurboSmart whooshed away with the Performance-Racing New Product award on the merits of its all-new 2022 OPR V2 Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator. Dubbed the first returnless regulator, it includes a 44-Micron stainless steel mesh filter and delivers precision, steady oil pressure to a turbocharger regardless of the base engine oil pressure or temperature. Compatible with all engine oils, it will also ensure that the turbo isn’t overpressurized. 

Play some Freebird! Arrington Performance struck a chord with the unveiling of its latest hydrogen-powered performance machine. Named after that familiar Southern Rock anthem, this 1964 Ford Falcon is motivated by a naturally aspirated Ford 5.0-liter Coyote crate engine that utilizes direct-injected hydrogen to produce 20 percent more power with zero emissions. Collaborating with Red Line Synthetic Oil and Bosch to create this machine, Arrington sees hydrogen as the future of internal combustion. “I believe that environmental improvement, has many facets,” said Mike Copeland, CEO of Arrington Performance, and head of development in the hydrogen division. “Just like any industry, to make a change, you must approach the issue from more than one direction. I love performance vehicles and I happen to be an expert with internal combustion engines. It only made sense to delve further into hydrogen as a direct fuel source and enable the conversion from gas as a zero-emissions option.” 

The Godzilla monster breathes fire, and the engines are getting hot for the aftermarket. The industry stalwarts at Edelbrock developed the new XTS manifold for the Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla engines with shorter, tapered runners for improved high-rpm performance. Moreover, its throttle body location offers easier inlet air plumbing. The lightweight, sheetmetal intake is powdercoated black for longevity.

Eaton’s TVS supercharger rotors are known for their efficient performance, OE-level durability, and ease of packaging. The company wanted more from its biggest rotors, so it further refined the design which resulted in the new TVS X3100 supercharger rotating group. Meant specifically for aftermarket applications, the X3100 rotors draw from their R- and V-Series cousins to deliver 17 percent more displacement than the R2650 rotors along with 30 percent more airflow at 14 pounds of boost and 11 percent more volumetric efficiency. “The all-new Eaton TVS X3100 is the first rotor design developed specifically for the aftermarket and not for an OEM,” said Tim Bauer, vice president, Aftermarket, Eaton’s Vehicle Group North America. “The three-lobe design of the V-Series maintains engine packaging size, while the high-twist design from the R-series improves the high-speed flow efficiency. Ultimately, the X3100 pushes more air at the same power input as the R2650 and can be tuned by our customers to their specifications.”

Aeromotive brought out drop-in fuel pump solutions for high-performance machines. With simple, single-pump designs and built-in controllers for the brushless pump, these setups are compatible with OEM siphon systems and fuel-level sensors while delivering fuel to support huge horsepower. Among the systems on display are Aeromotive arrangements for 2005-2018 Chevy Silverardos and 2011-2017 Ford Mustangs.

Before you even enter the show floor, SEMA is automotive sensory overload. Everywhere you look there are insane custom builds, but one that stood out right away is known as the M1 Cobra. Gregg Richhart completely revamped this 1970 Mustang Mach 1 into a completely custom widebody featuring numerous fabricated modifications that make this restomod unique. Better yet, it is powered by a complete 2009 Shelby GT500 drivetrain swap.

CWI Performance brought its Foxzilla Mustang out to the 24th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals Presented by Competition Clutch Featuring the Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival and it benefitted from this intake manifold. Designed with boosted Godzilla 7.3-liter Ford engines in mind, this billet intake features a built-in air-to-water intercooler, but still stands 1.75 inches shorter than the stock intake. It will support up to 1,400 horsepower.

For those running the Dodge // Mopar Hemi Shootout in search of more power, Air Flow Research created its Blackhawk Gen III cylinder heads. Designed as a bolt-on upgrade compatible with factory induction and exhaust hardware, they will offer more airflow and horsepower potential than the factory units. 

For 2022 Camaro SS owners looking for a boost, ProCharger created its Stage II Intercooled Supercharger Kit. Featuring its Stage II intercooler and a dedicated eight-rib belt drive, the system can deliver gains in excess of 170 horsepower out of the box and push into four-digit territory with a larger ProCharger unit.

The current Shelby GT500 set a new standard for pony car performance, but even 760 horsepower isn’t enough for anyone reading this. To that end, VMP Performance developed its Apex Predator Supercharger Upgrade based on Eaton’s TVS X3100 rotors. The kit will also fit the new Raptor R and can be complemented with other VMP upgrades like intercoolers and throttle bodies. 

The Truck Shop created a gorgeous Gen 2 SVT Lightning that sports a different kind of supercharged V8 underhood. Ford’s Godzilla engine is gaining traction with Blue Oval hot rodders who yearn for pushrod power, and this one is boosted by a ProCharger. The level of detail in the engine compartment is top-notch, and that carries on throughout the truck. 

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