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Thursday Coverage | 2022 PRI Show

When the rumble of engines fades and the tire smoke clears at the end of the racing season, the exclamation point on the year is the PRI Show. Not only does it mark the finish of the season, but it ramps up the expectations for next year’s racing action. Part of that excitement comes from the new products displayed at this show. 
With that in mind, follow us for the next few days as we highlight some of the most interesting cars and gear on the show floor before they see action at the track next season.

It is always great to see familiar faces and cars at the PRI Show, and this classic Fox Mustang brought a smile to our faces. If you know, you know. This is Billy Glidden’s storied 1989 Mustang GT, which has run in both NMRA and NMCA competition to great success. Part of a huge display of race cars put on display by Mickey Thompson, this Mustang is powered by a Glidden-built small-block that’s hit with two kits of nitrous on the drag strip. It makes 900 horsepower before the spray and also acts as a test vehicle for Mickey Thompson tire development.

Sonnax is showing off its innovative upgrade for TH400 automatic transmissions. Its Smart-Tech Drum Module is light in weight for improved efficiency, and its reorientation of the transmission mechanics reduces shock loads under shifting for improved durability. It was tested and proven in no-prep race cars before its release. 

Fans of Ford’s Coyote engine family who want to push the performance envelope can get excited about this robust engine block from Bear Block Motors. Known as the Special 5.0 to 5.2-liter HD Production Replacement Block, it is more robust than the factory block and designed to fit every Coyote application from naturally aspirated 5.0-liters to supercharged 5.2-liters found in the GT500 and Raptor R.

Fueling is crucial to performance, especially in racing. The team at AFIS engineered high-flow fuel injectors, which were proven on main man Harry Hruska’s VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod racer. Designed to run at a lower, safer base pressure of 43.5 psi, they feature stainless steel internals and a linear duty cycle up to 90 percent. They work with methanol, ethanol, and race fuel and are sold in matched sets.

IDIDIT is showing off a trio of quick-release steering wheel setups for race cars, including this Push-To-Connect Quick Release With Horn, which is great for dual-purpose machines, like those running in TorqStorm Superchargers True Street. Compatible with OEM-style GM steering columns, it is carved from billet aluminum and available in five- and six-bolt patterns. 

For those running water-meth systems to enhance performance, cool inlet temps, and stave off knock, VP Racing Fuels developed its Speed Sauce — a premixed, ready-to-use water-ethanol fluid. Said to deliver as much as 4 percent more power than traditional water-methanol mixtures, Speed Sauce is also less toxic and corrosive.

Brushless motors are commonplace in the fuel pump world but are showing up in other fluid-pumping arenas due to their efficiency and flexibility. A case in point is Delta PAG’s Brushless Variable-Speed Water Pump. Designed to move as much as 65 gallons per minute thanks to a 1.75-inch inlet volute, a dual 1-inch output, and a stainless steel impeller. Thanks to the brushless motor, its speed can be adjusted to maintain optimal fluid temperatures.

The tuning gurus at HP Tuners are showcasing the company’s latest OBD-II interface, the MPVI3. Designed to deliver diagnostic output and tuning input for enthusiasts and professional tuners, it is configured with a Pro Feature Set with faster datalogging, two times more storage, and a high-resolution accelerometer.

Durability is crucial to going rounds and winning races, and FTI Performance had that in mind when developing its Billet Transbrake Solenoid. Featuring a screw-together design, it eliminates loose roll pins or set screws that can loosen and cause failure. Available in silver or black, its design also allows servicing the coil without replacing the entire unit.  

As Ford’s Godzilla engine picks up steam as a hot-rod powerplant, the aftermarket upgrades keep coming. For those engines in need of a performance crank damper, Fluidamr developed this unit for Ford’s Super Duty trucks powered by the 7.3-liter engine, but surely it will work just as well on swapped Godzillas.

TREMEC’s TKX five-speed is quickly becoming a go-to manual swap and upgrade option for performance applications. For gear-bangers looking for an even more precise shifting experience, Sikky Manufacturing offers its short-throw shifter. Built from billet aluminum and stainless steel, this low-profile unit offers plenty of tunnel clearance and delivers shifts that are 30 percent quicker.

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