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The NMCA Opens Up the 2022 Car Show Season in Florida

Posted By: Steve Baur
2022 NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines
Flexing Some Muscle
From classics to modern muscle, the season opener’s car show had it all
Written by Steve Turner
Photography by the FSC staff
Whether it was sunny and warm or overcast and pleasant, attendees flocked to the Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals series season opener at Bradenton Motorsports Park. The excitement wasn’t limited to the on-track action either. In addition to a thriving manufacturer’s midway and swap meet, the car show brimmed with gorgeous Big Three rides from all eras. With a wide variety of muscle machines on display, there was something for everyone on the property to enjoy, and plenty of work for the judges selecting the worthy award winners. Here is a sampling of the winning rides, and for more be sure to check out

Ronnie Sparkles casually rumbled onto the property at Bradenton Motorsports Park and rumbled away with not just the Best Interior and Best Paint honors, but he earned the coveted Best of Show honors as well. Looking pristine with gorgeous gold accents playing of the perfect red paint, it’s no surprise that it took home some much hardware from the 2022 NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem.

Looking every bit the part of a classic hauler, Mark LaCroix’s 1966 Dodge pickup is powered by a modern Cummins under its hood. This combination earned it the Best Chrysler of Show award.

With a name like Dark Matter, you know Chris Sperry’s 1969 Camaro is sinister. Sporting a Chevrolet Performance 454-cube crate engine controlled by a Holley Dominator EFI system under its hood, this restomod pumps out a nearly square 424 horsepower and 423 lb-ft of torque. It raced away with both the Best GM and Best ‘67-‘69 Camaro honors on Sunday. 

It’s tough to top a sleek, bright paint job and just the right splash of chrome. Ron Kubicki’s 1950 Ford Panel sported both, which helped it earn Best Truck honors at the 2022 NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines.

A classic Mustang that keeps its period-correct cred while sporting some choice performance upgrades is always an eye-catcher. With just that combo on display, George Okada’s 1969 Mach 1 nabbed Best Pro Street/Race Car honors in Bradenton.

For Jay Bernard, chroming is his business and business is good. Nearly every visible surface under the hood of his 1969 El Camino is coated in the shiny stuff. He also treated all the trim to a fresh coat of chrome. All that attention to glimmering detail earned his powerplant the Best Engine award.

From classics to the latest machines, everything was on display at the 2022 NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem event. The modern Mopar contingent showed up enforce at the season opener, and a part of that group, Russ Billings’ 2020 Challenger earned the Best Late Model award.

Restomod Camaros were a thing at Bradenton, and Tony Scott’s classic Camaro combined performance upgrades with bright paint and a splash of chrome to earn the Best GM Muscle award on Sunday.

Sporting a nicely chromed small-block under its flip-up hood, Ray Redell’s two-tone 1937 Ford took home the Best Street Rod award.

It wasn’t just modern Mopars flexing their muscle on the car show field, Robin Todino’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda grabbed the Best Chrysler Muscle award on Sunday at the 2022 NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. 

Keeping the mods to a minimum, but the aesthetic as clean as possible, Mark Johnson’s 1961 Impala collected the Director’s Choice Conservative award.

As the action wound down on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend’s winners gathered to collect their hardware.

2022 NMCA Car Show Awards Classes
Special Recognition Awards:
1. Jesse Correll    Bradenton, FL   1965 GTO
2. Felix Garcia   Seminole, FL   1963 Oldsmobile
3. Chuck Woosley Sarasota, FL    1968 Camaro
4. David Reichl    Parrish, FL   2020 Mustang
5. Rick Stefanik      Punta Gorda, FL    2019 Challenger
6. Byron Person   Venice, FL     1963 Nova SS
7. John Duggan    Lakewood Ranch, FL    1966 Corvette
8. Lou Small    Washington Island, WI     1962 Impala SS
9. Tracy Fitzstephens     Bradenton, FL   2016 Jeep Wrangler
10. Steve Frielind     Myakka City, FL     1969 AMX
11. Mike Polito    Parrish, FL     1967 Buick GS
12. John Sloan    Bradenton, FL    1969 Camaro
13. Chris Sperry    Florida       1969 Camaro
14. Felix Garcia    Seminole, FL  1963 Olds Jetfire
15. Jay Bernard    Bradenton, FL   1969 El Camino
16. Michael B.   Parrish, FL    1965 Pontiac GTO
17. Scott Metcalf   Bradenton, FL   1934 Ford
18. Jeremy Frieling     Myakka City, FL   1972 AMC Javelin
19. Darrin Daigle    Parrish, FL    1966 Mustang
20. John Cozza    Medford, NY   1928 Ford
Directors Choice Awards:
·   Best GM Muscle
·   Winner: Tony Scott   Greenville, KY   1969 Camaro
·   Best Ford Muscle
·   Winner: Kenneth Williams    Venice, FL    2006 Saleen Mustang
·   Best Chrysler Muscle 
·   Winner: Robin Todino   Parrish, FL   1970 Cuda
·   Best Late Model
·   Winner: Russ Billings   Lehigh, FL   2020 Challenger
·   Best Street Rod
·   Winner: Ray Redell    Bradenton, FL   1937 Ford 
·   Best Traditional Hot Rod
·   Winner: Mike Ramey   Circleville, OH   1931 Ford Coupe
·   Best Truck
·   Winner:  Ron Kubicki   Bradenton, FL   1950 Ford Panel
·   Best Pro Street/Race Car
·   Winner: George Okada    Bradenton, FL   1969 Mustang
·   Directors Choice Conservative
·   Winner: Mark Johnson    Ruskin, FL   1961 Impala
·   Directors Choice Modified
·   Winner:  Gerald Merideth    Parrish, FL   1934 Ford
·   Camaro 67-69 
·   Winner: Chris Sperry   Cocoa, FL  1969 Camaro
·   Camaro 82-92 
·   Winner:  Lloyd Hood    Parrish, FL  1989 Camaro
·   Nova 68-Up
·   Winner:  Phil Sanner   Lakeland, FL   1971 Nova
·   GM A-Body (LeMans/Cutlass/Skylark) 
·   Outstanding: Joe Stauffer    Sarasota, FL   1969 Pontiac GTO
  • Winner: Jay Bernard    Bradenton, FL  1969 El Camino
·   GM G-Body (Monte Carlo/Regal/Grand Prix/Cutlass) 
·   Outstanding: Shane O’Conner   Tampa, FL   1986 Buick GN
·   Winner: Grant Martin   Tampa, FL    1986 Buick GN
·   Corvette 53- 82
·   Winner:  John Duggan   Lakewood Ranch, FL  1966 Corvette
·   Corvette 84 – 2019
·   Winner: Nico K.   Sarasota, FL   2010 Corvette
·   Corvette 2020- Present
·   Winner: Joe Sutera   Tampa, FL   2021 Corvette
·   GM Full Size All Years 
·   Outstanding: Gordy Frawk   Parrish, FL   1968 Impala SS
·   Winner: Lou Small    Washington Island, WI     1962 Impala SS  
·   55-56-57 Chevy
·   Winner: Doug Ward   Homasassa, FL   1955 Chevrolet
·   Full Size Truck All Years
·   Winner: Ron Kubicki   Bradenton, FL   1950 Ford Panel 
·   Open GM (For GM vehicles that do not fit into above classes)
·   Outstanding: Felix Garcia   Seminole, FL   1963 Oldsmobile
·   Winner:  Felix Garcia   Seminole, FL  1963 Olds Jetfire
·   Best GM of Show 
·   Winner: Chris Sperry   Cocoa, FL  1969 Camaro  
·   Mustang 64-78
·   Winner: George Okada   Bradenton, Fl   1969 Mustang Mach I
·   Mustang 05-14’
·   Outstanding: Dale Wood    Clearwater, FL   2014 Mustang
·   Winner: Pam Torge    Bradenton, FL   2014 Mustang
·   Mustang  15-Current
·   Winner: Mark Torge    Bradenton, FL   2016 Mustang
·   Shelby & Boss 
·   Outstanding: Bob Johnson   Bradenton, FL   2007 Shelby Mustang
·   Winner: Rob Powell    Bradenton, FL   2007 Mustang
·   Falcon, Fairlane, Maverick 
·   Winner: Joseph Pasuit    Holmes Beach, FL   1965 Falcon
·   Ford Full Size Cars All Years 
·   Outstanding: Seymour Desroches   Sun City Center, FL  1957 Ford
·   Winner:  Rob Gerdin    Sarasota, FL   1971 Torino Cobra
·   Ford Full Size Truck All Years 
·   Outstanding: Dale Wood   Clearwater, FL    2019 F-150
·   Winner: Jeff Reyome   Sarasota, FL  1961 F-100
·   Ford Compact Truck All Years 
·   Winner: Chuck Revor   Bradenton, FL   1990 Ranger
·   Open Ford (For Ford vehicles that do not fit into above classes )
·   Outstanding: Kevin Maloney   Bradenton, FL   1932 Ford
·   Winner:  Jeremy Taylor    Lithia, FL  1964 Galaxie
·   Best Ford of Show 
  • Winner: Joseph Pasuit    Holmes Beach, FL   1965 Falcon
·   Chrysler A-Body (Dart/Duster/Valiant/Demon)
·   Outstanding: Greg Kuhn   Riverview, FL   1989 CSX
·   Winner: Rick Kiel    Chelsea, MI    2016 Hellcat
·   Dodge Truck 
·   Winner: Mark LaCroix     St. Pete, FL   1966 Dodge Truck
·   AMC Open
·   Winner: Jerry Kilduff    Bradenton, FL   1968 AMC AMX
·   Best Chrysler of Show 
  • Winner: Mark LaCroix     St. Pete, FL   1966 Dodge Truck
·   Best Engine 
·   Winner: Jay Bernard    Bradenton, FL  1969 El Camino
·   Best Interior 
·       Winner: Winner: Ronnie Staples     Lakewood Ranch, FL    1964 Olds 442  
·   Best Body & Paint 
·       Winner: Winner: Ronnie Staples     Lakewood Ranch, FL    1964 Olds 442  
        Best of Show 
        Winner: Ronnie Staples     Lakewood Ranch, FL    1964 Olds 442

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