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The Nitto Tire Diamond Tree Ring

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Since 2005 Nitto Tire has been awarding racers in the NMRA and NMCA their custom-designed Nitto Diamond Tree Ring to each class champion. Nitto, recognizing the efforts it takes to win a class championship, wanted to create something racers could wear everyday. They did so with this ring, which features ruby, emerald and diamond insets, which represent the starting line tree. While the overall design of the ring doesn't change, each year there are subtle changes to the ring, which allows each season's rings to be a bit different than previous years. In addition to the championship ring, Nitto also awards winners of the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing a special ring, which goes to the drivers of the winning team. To learn more about the ring, check out the accompanying video.

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