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The MSD Power Grid

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Every Jordan needs a Pippen. Every cat needs a weird cat lady. And what good is one tube of JB Weld without the other Like many things in life, running blazing elapsed times on small tires at the drag strip requires a potent 1-2 tandem of complementary components incredibly advanced tire compounds will only get you so far. When those tires, however, are matched with cutting-edge electronics to help manage horsepower delivery, great things can happen like six-second passes on puny 275mm-wide radials. By retarding ignition timing much faster than any driver can pedal the throttle, traction control systems are the ultimate tools for keeping wheel spin in check. These systems have traditionally been too cost prohibitive for most racers, but MSD's new Advanced RPM Control (ARC) system offers a far more affordable solution. For less than $600, adding traction control to an existing MSD Power Grid system is as easy as plugging in an ARC module. So how well does it work Read the entire story >> HERE<<  

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